Kindle Publishing 2018- How to Self-Publish a Book to Amazon

kindle publishing 2018

If you have been following internet marketing topics, you already know kindle publishing. i actually didn't know about this Business untill i received an E-mail from affiliate marketer, i had subscribed to his newsletter to learn good stuff about internet marketing. it blew my mind how much money they earn from EBooks. i could not believe it untill i watched social proof from Successful guys doing nothing just hiring ghost writers and publishing on Amazon.

I started Learning the basics before any advanced strategies to know what it takes to do the same. I already know Amazon has millions of active customers who are ready to buy stuff. i purchased that poduct from Clickbank and followed instructions. Now i have 3 Kindle Ebooks. 

Each day i learn some new tips and tricks to improve my ranking on Amazon. i dreamed of writing my Ebook and share my blogging knowledge i learned through the years. i told myself if iam writing blog posts why not package it in a small Ebook and sell it. People are buying Books.

#1 Solve a problem :

You don’t have to write a novel or 100 pages to solve a problem. When I wrote my first ebook I focused on teaching bloggers how to use blog homepage to capture leads, I made sure I solve a specific problem to get positive review from Readers on Amazon.

It doesn’t mean You have a good ebook if you are not telling your own story, the most effective way to let Readers enagage and interact with your is through telling your own story. listen to your audience and focus on solving their problems to get visibility and credibility online.

       Your EBook does not have to be perfet, it needs to solve a problem.

Cover Design :

ebook cover

If You Design a great cover you just let your kindle Ebook attracts people's attention .

Self-Publishers believe that people judge ebooks by their covers. We human creatures like to see images with faces more than images without faces. we respond to someone showing his face on video more than videos without faces. we also like to see covers with faces. Nevertheless non-fiction covers convert better without human faces once we include some visuals. 

in fiction we should use images to grab readers attention. People buy through their emotions, we have to give them something to say. Yes we need to buy this book. They don't know whether your book content is great or not but these 4 components have to be optimized for conversion. Book title is important, Cover design, Customer reviews, book description.

Marketing Strategies :

There are hundreds of strategies out there. you can start using free platforms, facebook, twitter, YouTube and fb groups. Everybody has a way and method that works for him.
You can use to know the most profitable keywords people search for on Amazon, pick keywords that are low competitive, check Amazon to generate enough data about ebooks, titles, cover design, how many customer reviews and how many pages thay have, use better than their work to rank top with that keyword.

Advanced Strategy :
One of the most effective strategies out there, authors and witers use they Build Email list of responsive subscribers. when they have a new book they send it using email service like mailchimap or aweber. when it comes to earning passive income and generating hundreds of reviews, you have to build an audience before you launch. its powerful. its not always about writing a book, its about writing great book to make readers care about you and purchase your future stuff.

I have published a kindle EBook on Amazon, if you are interested in reading it, here is the link : Kindle publishing 2018