Is Forum Marketing Dead? Marketing Strategy



is forum marketing dead


Everybody knows and used forum marketing to learn and ask questions there to get answers and educate themselves,  solve their problems and probably you have used it with the wrong strategy to bring traffic to your blog.

Forums in every market are are full of hot customers and buyers. i have done forum posting before without any results  and rejected by forum administrator.

The reason iam not a great copywriter and can’t drive value to the community. afterthat i searched and learned a lot from different sources to post on forums with a strategy that works and brings leads.

is forums marketing dead? marketing strategy

I joined some internet marketing forums and iam able to post and people can engage because i figured out how to provide value to the readers. that’s a serious answer.

I know it takes time to post to get leads, you should write stuff that people like and able to share. keep doing it for two weeks to gain authority with administrator so they believe you are not a spammer.


This strategy works great, keep doing it and you will generate leads to your offers. the more forums you sign up with and post quality stuff the more leads you geenerate to your offers.

If you just post crupy stuff and no visitors or leads coming in then change your marketing strategy and what what i teach you here to expect big results.

If you want traffic and visitors to your blog. write amazing  stuff and people are going to come back ultimately that’s all it is.

The power of blog commenting

Blog commenting works and bring good amount of traffic to the website exactly when commenting on high PR sites. you can check different blogs on google  and see comments on each site.

Those people who continusely comment on these blogs they already read the value and quality content before a comment that make sense and brings traffic back to their sites.

Well. we will use two tools that leads us straight to google results. dropmylink and putmylink are both good to find commentluv plugins that enables you to comment on blogs.

1- go straight to dropmylink site, this is the homepage and how it looks like. opening an accounton dropmylink is easy.

blog commenting


in the box above you can type any desired keyword you want to find blogs about, and choose commentluv enabled. when you press search button it takes you straight to google and loads of blogs to comment on, i prefer to comment on high page R sites.

blog commenting


you can always choose commentluv, which is where you read comments and write your own, Please don’t spam, focus on educating the community by driving value then drop your link signature.