How To Use Video Content To Boost Your online Business

video content

Are you struggling to create high converting videos ?

Don't know how to do that ?

People always talk about the importance of Great content and how it influences on their businesses and search engine but many ignore video content, teaching clients a step by step strategy that solves their own problem isn't that really effective. 

That's how they interact and engage with your videos because you produced viral video content in which you speak clearly and loud in different times.

If i spend two hours of my time researching and reading to know what kind of content should i include in my videos to grab people's attention then i feel iam in the right path because i know what my prospects need so i feel :

  • I Deliver content of massive value
  • Solve A Specific problem
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Build that trust

And i know that Marketing is about making offer to the people and i always want to make sure i deliver Good stuff that reward me as :

  • I have Done a Great Job 
  • Made them Happy 
  • Engaged with the community
  • Get likes, shares and comments

And i can spend enough time publishing that Great video in several social media sites such 

  • Twitter 
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest 
  • Google+
  • Linkiedin

But I have to make sure i have enough fans and followers in every social networking site. 1000 seems good number to post that video to get people engage with and share it with their friends.

I have already written a blog post about how to get 1000 twitter follower using the power of tweepi tool Now we have fixed the problem with twitter.

Concerning other social sites, you need to build a business plan to get same number of followers on facebook, pintesred, google+ and pinterest. remember 100 targeted follower is more better than any number of fake followers. so there are two options.

  • You Spend small budget to get 1000 follower on facebook and pinterest
  • Spend time posting Great content, answering their questions and interecting with them

​Then start publishing that video on video sites such :

  • Youtube 
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
video marketing

Your videos are likely to reach top on seach engines of google, yahoo and bing once you included :

  • Killer headlines
  • Engaging video content 
  • solving a problem

​I Think now you have understood how to create  great content by spending time researching and delivering the right video to the right people in social media sites, video sites and search engines.

And you may ask yourself does my videos make me an expert in this field if your answer is yes then you will have more views, visitors, leads, web traffic, sales and conversions.

There is a big difference between creating a simple video and a video that makes you get sales in your interest. so the more awesome videos you post the more views and sales you get.​