How To Use Twitter To Add Unlimited Targeted Followers

how to get twitter followers

Twitter is a great place to discover and know about anything once you connect with people in different businesses. What i like about twitter, it allows you to say anything and gives you the biggest real time audience, and awesome to drive massive traffic to your blog. It is simple once you have large number of followers to post good content so people notice you drive extra value and every tweet you send responds to something followers need.

I did not realize the power of twitter untill i found it one of the best traffic sources, it has become my favourite, right now i spend more time on twitter rather than other social media sites.

I can show you how i personally use it to get engagement as i get good number of traffic when i tweet to targeted people, it is good when you have 1000 responsive followers which is more better than 10 000 fake visitors

So the first step i highly recommend is to display two important elements to increase the conversion rate.

Use a real photo :

Using your own photo on your profile has a big influence on how people see you, so they know whose businesses are connecting with. and accounts with human faces get higher CTR than other fake accounts so be a real person.

Relevant cover photo :

I highly recommend a qualified designer on fiverr or upwork to create an attractive cover that describes your business, simple things can’t be ignored, as it determines and let people decide whether follow you or not, it helps in the long way.

Connecting with followers on twitter :

We have just talked about two important elements to get people know, like and trust you pay attention and interact with you more.

Be trusted person :

Including your own name and description about your business are important to let people know you and what services you offer, if you provide reliable informations, you can see increase in the number of twitter followers, not by filling out your profile with fake photos as some do with strangers photos, this determines you are using spam in your business.

​Learn 2 Secrets To Internet Marketing Success

Tweet, tweet, retweet

I think the best way to create tweets is to spy on your competitors and scan what they tweet about then create your own, i don’t recommend stealing them but be creative and use your brain to write good ones. and retweet their tweets.

tweet, tweet

Share good tweets :

People connect with your business when you add an extra value, they will be happy to read whatever your tweets are about because you always help them.

Twitter is one of the best traffic sources, if used the right way by driving awesome value that people like, then you will see traffic and followers in return.

Here is a tweet that i sent to my followers and i knew it will help them to understand the concerpt of offering value to audience. it has generated traffic, likes and retweets.​

Follow you back !

Many internet marketers on twitter increase the number of followers by buying packages and completely this is a big mistake, not targeted and useless for your business, tweepi is a good tool that help you follow targeted followers in your interest, i have written a post about how i got 1000 targeted twitter follower. Once you follow them they follow you back

Check their profiles

  1. Taking a look at their profile determines whether this helps you in your business or not. I have mentioned this above, if you both have businesses then you both are winners to exchange awesome value. Also look at their tweets, if they have lots of tweets means they have built a strong relationship with followers, and would be good to follow.

Best time to tweet

First you need to ask yourself this question to get better answers

When people are checking their mobiles ?

  • Lunch Time
  • During The Weekends
  • When Taking A Break
  • In The Evening 
best time to tweet

Be consistent and interact :

The more you tweet, the more you engage with your followers and the more awesome value you tweet about, the more they like you and trust you, and the more sales you can make, so focus on good tweets to grow your business.

Social Proof :

Nobody will follow you on twitter when they see you have 100 follower ,the number plays a big role. in order to prove that you have a business. simply use paid tools to add targeted followers so when people see you have large number of followers will truly believe you have a business.

Buying Followers is a big No.

It looks fine for some people to buy followers

Everybody wants to make money online and have large number of followers that means more traffic and more income in your pocket.

right ?

But are they active or inactive in your business ?

I use a site called fakers.statuepeople that analyses twitter followers, here is a screenshot about my twitter account which demonstrates percentage of my followers.

​Where are your followers located in the world ?

Lots of people will ask these questions before buying followers packages. where are your followers from ? are they targeted ? well i think they should be in the following countries US, UK, NZ, AUS, Ireland. this site tweepsmap analyses followers in twitter from their profiles

So here are statistics about my twitter followers of each country listed below. if you measure using this tool and found out most of the users are from the following countries listed above, that means you truly have targeted followers and have a real business.

We all the time ask this question " how to get twitter followers".  always new ways, tricks and techniques to increase twitter followers. 

You can do that but first of all, you should build your brand before you ask this question, people won't do a thing unless they receive something in return.

influence on users, comment, share post, don't just follow them and think they will follow you back. use content that will educate and teach them.

If they find something not useful they will stop following you.

Make them hungry when they receive better blog posts from you. if you do these important steps i guarantee you more followers and never ask yourself how to get twitter followers.​