How To Get More Views And Visitors Answering Questions On Quora

Nowadays Quora is the most pupular questions and answers sites in all niches. millions of questions, millions of users and thousands of topics to choose.

Quora is a place of knowledge, a place to share things with audience and the place where you learn and teach what you have. ​

You can't image how it is growing so fast because it is simple, effective and bring real results.

Before you start using quora you need to figure out some important things.

Your profile Photo:

​Try few approaches before you start answering questions, having a picture of yourself is what make people know, like and trust this will make audience engage and not think of you as a spammer, also they will start following you.

Your own biography :

people need to know who you are and what you do, this will determine what benefits they get from you when they visit your site, write down everything you can offer and not forget to include your blog signature​.

​Get More Views

Here re some answers i wrote describing you how many views i got with only one simple answer with 10 short lines solving someone's problem. sometimes short lines are enough to get views and when you have a post related to that specific problem.

You only ask questions and get immediate answers so when your answer is super and targeted you get upvote​d and thousands of views 

Quora statistics 

  • 100 M visitors and growing each day
  • 5min time spent​
  • Traffic keeps coming in your old answers​
  • The More questions you answer the more views you Get​

Create Great Answers

quora strategy

​Building high quality answers when you focus on what readers want not just posting to get views and traffic, people appreciate your work and follow you especially when you drive some extra value.

So the more people you help and solve their problems or grow their business the more people will interact with you and it  will be easier to convert them to your own subscribers.

What kind of answers should i provide :

  • High Quality Answers
  • More Detailed and Helpful 
  • Simple to Understand

​Good answers/ truthful /reasonable / provide explanations.

​Quora answers are straight to the point

You can aslo use quora for selling your own ebook, plugins and courses.​