How To Use Facebook Groups For Your Business

how to use facebook groups

Want to grow your business ?

You want to know how to actually Use facebook groups ?

In this blog post i will share with you tactics i personally use to market, educate and get shared. It is Simple and Easy To Use When You have So Much To Say.

Simple and Effective :

Before joining any groups you have to include your own picture, an attractive cover photo and good description about you and your online business. People will check your profile to know who you are and what you offer before joining you, that’s why simple things can’t be ignored in people’s eyes.

Engage On Groups Discussions :

When i started on facebook groups, i wanted to join as many groups as i possible. Because i didn’t know which group will get me much traffic. i knew its all about starting a discussion and interacting with community members before sending any offers. This is how it works and results come after delivering good stuff. Value what makes you known in these groups, if you can do this, group members will Like Your facebook Page To Read What You are Saying.

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For instance

30 groups seem Good to start with, just make sure each group has over 20 000 members and very active. the moment you get accepted into some group check when the last post was posted.

How To know The Group is active ?

the last post on each group shows when it was posted. If it was 15 minutes ago that means the group is Very active and there is a discussion. There you can network with people easily Through sending a private message to target users, which is better than add user as a friend. Facebook will ban you when you add lots of friends without permission. That’s Enaging is an Effective Marketing Strategy to generate targeted visitors and leads to your online business. The proper concept is to offer as much informations as you can.

active group

You have to be strategic

You can send a private message to a user on the group, or comment on something he is sharing.

​Hi There

I am interested to connect and hear more what you are doing. If you are free please shout me a friend request or a message. I look forward to hear you .

how to use facebook groups

What should i post on the group ?

  • Educate the community
  • Provide good stuff
  • Publish great piece of techniques
  • Create good videos that deliver massive value
  • Reach audience by solving a specific problem.

You may say i have been doing a lot of good stuff but i got no traffic to my offers, Here is a simple technique that make facebook members join you. Offer an incentive with strong call to action.

You have a successful blog and want to teach people how to grow their blogs too. Then you write a Strong call to action such « how to grow your website from zero to hero «

Have you seen how strong it is ? most users want to join you because of two words zero to hero. Everyone wants to know how to do that and they get excited to watch your video. You are getting in hands of many.

Why i talked about video here ? it converts well and it is the best way to go through which is better than.

  • Free PDF
  • Free report
  • Free Software
  • Free Ebook

How Can i Post On Multiple Groups ?

facebook groups strategy

Before talking about posting on groups same time. You should keep an eye on the following

Timing is King: You have to know what is the perfect time to post on these groups to see high conversion rate. i see that posting in the evening works better.

​You can use this tool to post on as many Facebook groups as you can at once.  facebook autoposter 


Facebook Groups is where to find your target audience,  for example a group with over 20 000 members has a lot to do with. many of these users have already purchased digital products from groups, the only difference is to give away a lot of good stuff to attract as many audience as you can before any potential sales. its the way to get results when you direct members to your website. you need also to use couple steps to allow audience follow you. deliver massive value and interact

facebook groups