How I Started My Blog Online. And How You Can Start Your Successful Blog Online Too

I was always thinking to start my business online, being passionate about working from home as i heared many successful stories of marketers making passive income online working only few hours, spending more time with family and travel whenever they want.

I was asking myself why not take massive action and learn how they did it so if they can do it, i can do it too.

I didn't know what is a niche, how to buy a domain name even web hosting or install wordpress. so i didn't stop from learning, i figured out how to spend enough time reading on warriorforum and backhatworld forum and i was asking better questions to get better answers from marketers who really like to help.

So i didn't want risk of spending money while i was on a tight budget, and wanted to learn as much as i can without investing, first to have the right mindset to know how things going on with blogging untill i came a cross a clickbank program called gniper it was a perfect product that taught me a lot such :

  • How To Install Worpress 
  • How To Use Google Planner 
  • Perfetc Themes and Plugins 
  • Some Strategies To Follow

The next days i noticed there is a potential without competition in any niche, these courses teach how to start a business online in a short time and even separate yourself from competition​ and ways to create good content that connects businesses as quality is always important in the market, people need awesome value.

Do You think you need experience to start a business online ?

I don't think so

I was in this situation :

  • No Blogging Experience
  • No Content Writing Skills 
  • No Budget To Start 
  • No Design Skills 
  • No Knowledge At All 

It is easy and everybody can do it. there are digital products online and cheap sites such fiverr, upwork and freelancer where you could hire a professional designer, in case you can learn that for free on udemy and youtube, for me i prefer digital products that drives awesome value.

Choose a Profitable Niche :

So The first mistake people make online : they create a website in something they don't know about, my advice always start in a niche you are skilled at and where competition is there where money can be made.​ and focus on one thing that is the way to be succesful online. after two or three years you can jump to an other niche.

I have enough time to spend online, doing what i like, watching more videos to get more knowledge, empower myself with motivational videos whenever i feel unable to work. but its great when you feel doing something good.

But I ​learned from mistakes. so here are some important rules before starting a blog 

  • Choose a niche, something you are passionate about
  • Use Google Planner
  • Choose Good Theme
  • Write Original content that connects businesses to people
  • Get Some natural backlinks 
  • Use social media sites 

When you make a decision the first thing you should do, write down niches you are interested in. then choose one you are creative at, and figure out are people buying stuff ? do they have money and spend money in this niche ? how many  searches on google monthly. probably you have chosen " how to lose belly fat fast" so this keyword has good monthly searches,  but seems competitive, then you need to choose a low volume keyword to be out of competition.

Here are some Good niches that i feel people have money and able to buy products. ​

Install wordpress 

  • Anyone can use it 
  • Free To Use 
  • Easy to use 
  • Simple and rank fast

installing a site with wordpree is really easy and simple when you buy a domain name with hostgator, there is a support from the team or you can watch videos on youtube. most bloggers built their sites with wordpress, they found it effective and rank faster more better than other complicated platforms

 Choose a perfect theme :

Web design is so important for your site, to look better and simple for readers, everybody likes simple design  right ? wordpress has free themes but i always choose paid themes, i use mythemeshop because of good themes and support.

Plugins i use on my site :

I don't use any plugins untill i make sure, it has thousands and thousands of downloads this allows me to know that many people are using it and seems effective for my site, so here are some plugins i use on my blog


-This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.

Easily view your Google Analytics and real-time statistics inside WordPress! Makes it super simple to add your tracking code too.

Share your site urls in most popular social medias and show share counts on your website with various designs.

​The ultimate lead capture solution for WordPress

​Live front end editor for your WordPress content

Add bing webmaster tools, verification meta-tag.

Write Good Content

If you can't read you can't write.

Writing original posts on your blog each day is really boring and takes time. chances are fantastic when you write great content, simple and more detailed to make readers engage with you.


I think ​getting natural links is the best way to get ranking in search engine, links from authority sites can push your site to page one, every blogger knows the power of backlinks which is the top secret, so the more links you have from other sites the more google like it, you get ranking and results. i used to do blog commenting, write guest post in other sites such hubpages and also still write articles on tumber, weebly. i enjoy writing in these blogs to get natural backlinks to get page one even when there are new google's updates.

​How To Start a Successful Blog

In My view point The best way to create a successful blog is through Gsniper Product, this digital product shows you everything from scratch. from buying a domain name, web hosting, good theme, creating content, install the right plugins, and how to speed up your site.

I am not insisting you to buy it but thousands and thousands of people bought it and learned a lot from it. not only teaching you to create a successful blog and separate yourself from competiton but because of ideas and strategies that work for driving traffic and also build your brand.

It looks easy as there are many videos on youtube and blog posts  that teach you this But if you are a newbie you need someone to guide you step by step to avoid google penalty and rank your site easily in search engine.

I am Going to show you easy ways to follow and build a successful blog.

The first think you need to do is to buy a webhosting from hostgator. they have great support and good services for hosting your website there.

Why exactly Baby Plan :

You can host unlimited domains there. which is more better than Hatchling Plan where you can host only a single domain. it is cheap when you pay monthly bill. so i always prefer to buy webhosting using coupons to get discounts and also i like to buy domains during black friday and Cyber monday . i pay only $1 or $2 for a domain in the first year which saves me some dollars. if you don't don't how to control your money you can't control anything in life.

I sometimes prefer to buy domain names from Godaddy and host them on my hostgator webhosting.

​Installing Domain name on wordpress.

​It looks easy for some people to install wordpress, hostgator made it easy for their customers, you only need to watch some youtube videos and see how to use it.

install wordpress

Choose a Theme 

You Can Get a free theme from wordpress site But would be better if you choose a paid one. it has to be simple and effective for your online business. people are always looking for an easy site that has good design. good content to read clearly more blog posts. here are some online stores where you can simple themes.

  • Elegantthemes

Great Content to make a successful blog

You Should always ask yourself what customers are looking for. do a market research and write down before you start.​

If you write Great content on your blog​, people will bookmark it and come back to read more other new blog posts. 

You need to ask yourself what keeps people come back to a website?

is it because of Design ?

Or Something else

Well, People engage a lot when you tell a story about your success online. solving a specific problem​ and Providing awsome value.

I wrote a blog post about "​how to get your content seen and shared"  you can read and take notes to know how to make your content shared.


I Hope that when you read this blog post you feel how financial freedom is Great. and you decide to take massive action into building your successful business online. Just start and everything becomes easier. learn from the basics to have the right mindset and believe in yourself so you will succeed.