How To Rank kindle Ebook On Google

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Are you an author and want kindle ebook to rank top spots of Google and Amazon? But don't know how to achieve that ? is it possible to do that for each EBook you write and publish.

If you really want to make money online with kindle publishing you have to use these two effective keyword tools :

Do Keyword Research :

kindle seo

When it comes to selecting the right keyword. we better have good ideas about what we are doing. I prefer to use Google Planner to check Google first page to know if there are any authority sites on first page or not and use long tail keywords to study ranking positions. Google will give you natural flow once your target is very specific.

What do I mean by that?

Your book will rank super well on Google search engines when you use a keyword that has few thousand searches. you can start using that keyword in your subtitle, book title and in Book description. 

Google Loves Amazon and Authority Sites : 

I have used a Keyword for my kindle publishing ebook and It ranks super well with a low competitive keyword. i didn't build any backlinks at all. I just focused on a keyword that has few hundred searches a month.

 It is important to hook readers with your book title and cover design to get conversion. when i am searching on Google i always click on headlines that Grab my attention. Book title is very important. readers judge ebook by its cover, book description is  a sales page, reviews tell whether your Book content is expertly optimized for conversions or not.

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If you are looking for more traffic, write bunch of good ebooks, optimize them for the right keyword to gain natural traffic from search engines.

How great is that ?

kindle keyword

Kindle Seo keyword has few searches on Google, its easier to rank top with that keyword because there is no competition at all. How about Writing 5 Ebooks, each kindle ebook with 5000 searches on Amazon and Google.

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Just make sure :

  • You Have well written content
  • You Book is expertly optimized for conversion
  • Your Book Solves a Problem
  • You book provides tons and tons of Value

Conclusion :

There is no secret. If you want to rank your ebook on Google search engine, use Google planner and Merchant words to find good keywords that customers enter on both search engines to find products. study the first pages before you start writing your own content. if you choose the wrong keyword you will have a bad SEO campaign and you end up with no ranking , no traffic and no sales.