How To Rank For Competitive Keywords Using Medium

how to rank for competitive keywords

My content writing is different from your content.

And your content writing is different from my content.

At the end if we produce high converting content with something new and unique, then we convince our readers and stand out from the crowd.

My Marketing strategy is different from your strategy.

And Your marketing strategy is different from my strategy.

At the end a proven marketing strategy that moves us towards results is the right ones.

What matters is that we do everything different. Everyone has a specific method that works for him and it is very likely every network has its rules that prevent us from gaming the system.

We follow smart bloggers to show us their proven marketing tactics, without recognizing they have worked consistently to gain results.

When we work blindly online. With no idea how to market our content. We will end up lost somewhere with no results. But if we plan and act strategicaly. We make it happen for real.

In this blog post i share with you a powerful strategy you can use to rank with competitive keywords and reach your potential customers.This is Such Guest Posting But our main Focus is Keyword Phrase that people type on Google to read Content.

When you Search with a competitve keyword on Google, you come up with Some authority wbsites that have many pages.

I mean : Spider websites

how to rank for competitive keywords
  • Huffington post

Can you ask yourself how these websites got first page with competive keyword. What do they have in common ?

Who wrote these articles ?

They Used To Produce High Engaging Content That Connect Businesses to people and Google always says website with Great content ranks first page. These Websites Used to write Their Content. Now they have established a strong brand, that's why They attract Hundreds of Guest posters to Write Great Content for them. Its because of two reason

They Need Quality backlinks To Rank Their websites

 Get People To Their Website from That Guest post.

make money online

And Even When You search with several keyword phrases, you come up with these websites. What the hill is going on google ?

And many other authority websites. Which is really hard to find a Space for your blog there unless you Build high quality backlinks with these big brands.

Right ?

Now we understand when we search with competitve keywords we find big brands on first page of google. So how do we Get some traffic for Our Blogs.

Guest Posting On Popular Blogs :

guest posting

Guest posting is an effective strategy to get some traffic to your website. Especially when we guest post on blogs that have over 10 000 Readers. But we make a big mistake. We don’t write a headline that people would type on google to find our Content.

how to get targeted twitter followers

Rank For Long Tail Keyword :

i Wrote an article With a Desired Keyword and Posted It On and it ranks Third Page of Google Within Three Days , Without Building any Backlinks. I wrote long and detailed article and Optimized it For a Keyword that People Would Search for, which is" How to get your first 1000 blog subscribers" It is Easier When You Post an article in an authority site To get Good Ranking But Most people Make a mistake They Do it with Bad SEO Campaign.

An Other Example :

​When You type This keyword phrase " how to get targeted twitter followers"You read a guest post  on medium which ranks second page. this is a solid marketing strategy to use

how to get targeted twitter followers

​It is Pretty Hard To Rank Your website For This Competitve Keyword" how to lose weight" But Using Medium Has Pushed This article To The 9Th Page of Google. Giving Google a Highly Engaging Content and headline to rank for is completly a solid marketing strategy to get visitors.

 rank for competitive keywords

​Now we understand Guest posting and targeting a keyword phrase on authority websites rank better in search engines which helps us get Quality backlinks and More Traffic when we add our BIO at the end of each article we write and publish. 

Why Does Quora Rank So High On Google ? 

how to rank for competitive keywords

I can’t Write High Quality Artciles for big brands. What i should Do

Well. You can’t write for big brands unless you have high quality content. But There is an Option to write on other spider websites such quora and

Before you start writing your content, think about competitve keywords you want to rank for.

For instance :

If you are writing an article about weight loss. Then your headline should be » how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks «

  • You Gave google an opportunity to rank your guest post on that authority site
  • You gain quality backlinks from an authoritative website. Google values you website and gives you Good SERP.

If you use the same strategy for multiple keywords, you gain tons of readers from search engines. This is a solid SEO strategy to implement using keyword phrase.

Big Brands are Dominating The Search Engines. If You Want To Rank Your Blog Posts Better Then Authority Blogs Should Be Your Focus For Traffic and Quality Backlinks

Rank For Competitve Keywords :

We Make These Authority Sites Stronger, Visible and Rank For many Keywords. We Need Backlinks and Traffic That's why We Write In These Branded Sites. Its Where We find More Customers. That's Why We Struggle and Write Engaging Content.

We are Making it harder and harder because There will be no space for us To Get first page. We Need To Go Branding. These branded Sites are Getting ranking for many keywords. Its the same to offline businesses we make rich people More richer. But at The end Its The way Google Works and Ranks websites, Google Loves Great Content and Websites With many Pages.

Writing For bigger sites and PBN blogs Helps You rank better in search engine for competitive keywords.  if we Cntinue Posting Long and Detailed Content On Bigger media sites that have Built many pages, then we will See Good Serp and Traffic.

how to rank for competitive keywords

competitive keywords