How To Rank First Page On Google

Long tail keyword

Long tail keyword helps you to frequently achieve good positions in google, tail keywords that are relevant to your business. to rank higher in google and get first page you need a simple and specific strategy to use. it is so hard to rank first page when there is a competition and authority sites with many pages of content creation, content Marketing.

How that is clear?

Use google planner tool and search keywords with low volume and no competition at all or type long tail keyword, you will get amazing results, get a domain and  launch your website within two or three weeks you will get first page without any backlinks. People say ranking is more difficult than getting traffic. you need a simple strategy to work on, and know which works and what does’t work. when you target a high competitive keyword you need to work hard on SEO or probably need a team.

How we know the Value of a keyword

Do you measure how powerful is a keyword to your website, when you have an online business ” surf equipment store” do you get any sales from visitors typing pretty similar keyword ” long surfboard ” the keyword searchers type on google box allow us to put yourself in customers mind and see how valuable is it to get visitors and sales, we need to understand our customers, their needs, words and their emotions then be able to understand our websites.

We should be able to ask ourselves

  • Are these keywords valuable to our online business
  • Does this keyword generate sales
  • How many search does it have a day/ monthly
  • is it a low competitive keyword
  • Should i use long tail keyword

We need to understand the importance of a long tail keyword in our search that generates specific searches a day/monthly, sometimes there are long tail keywords with no competition at all we only need to dig deeper to find goldmine keywords.


Content Creation

Write simple and more detailed content better than your competitors as i beleive Seo is mostly about creating content, to win in the Seo game you must invest in generating high quality content, you need content strategy, content marketing that results in leads and sales. more pages means more ranking, lose pages means lose ranking, this is the new philosophy of google. to be indexed well in search engines you need better CTR  / click through rate/ means better titles Meta description, separate yourself from other bloggers, and put yourself above the competition.


Links that google trust

How can i get these links, Real websites with high PR, trusted websites are sites with many pages because google loves unique and creative work that can be shared, useful, interesting and makes an impact within the community.


Social Media is so important 

  • Shares of your pages
  • Activity of your associated profiles
  • Post share worthy content
  • Engage and keep respond

There is a facebook fan page with ten thousands fans and no engagement. and there is a FB page with just one thousand likes and there is huge engagement, comments and trust, why because the fan page owner drives value and keep helping the community.


Whitehat SEO do it right, Never worry about google updates.

whitehat SEO works for long-term and keep you in google’s awareness and never have to worry about changes, websites with more content consistently rank higher, look at it appears in all      

pages with several keywords, why? they have more pages, long and detailed content that search engines love. the longer and better your page is the more it gets indexed and jump higher in google machine.

Best strategy: to Get first page on google expand content Give people more pages to find the more content you have on the blog the more chances you have to get first page.

Place higher value on your blog, automatically you get good results in a short period.

Get the most authoritative blogs to link  to you, iam talking about natural backlinks for long-term

Use directories, directory articles:, blogsites, video marketing, it is powerful and give instant result with unlimited traffic to your offers, multiply your content through the interent.