How To Promote Affiliate Products Using Videos.

promote offers using videos

One of the easiest ways to promote products with affiliate marketing is through video marketing, if you are newbie i suggest you start with youtube its an awesome source of traffic.

I know Video​s convert like crazy as many people like to listen and watch videos more than audio and reading content, so some marketers ignore this method that attract massive traffic to affiliate links and your blog signature.

Some people say i don't know how to do that so they stop, unfamiliar with recording​ themselves in front of the camera and they probably think its hard. just do it no matter what you say, no matter what mistakes you make.

Give it a  try  :                   

As the time passes you will learn how to make professional videos and make youtube your best source of traffic.

Video Marketing has a strong impact on the audience, look at big​ Gurus in the internet marketing they always use videos in their sales pages to infleunce on people to buy their own products. and sometimes use three videos, the first as an introduction giving awesome value, the second video giving some specific strategy to start a campaign and the third is to buy their product if you want to know something is missing in first and second video. its an amazing strategy to make sales.

Create a Product Review :

Find quality products on clickbank marketplace

Check Gravity score and commission/ when it is 50% in Gravity means it converts, there is a compeition and people are promoting it.

  • Your videos should not be spamm
  • Provide Quality informations/ better buy the product to have a general idea before promoting it
  • Use Good Description and insert product affiliate link.
  • Use the product name as a targeted keyword followed by word review
  • Use Camatasia Software to record your videos, it is super easy to use.​

Now you have created your videos and uploaded them to your youtube channel so don't forget to do the same with other video platforms to get more views and sales. using Vimeo, dailymotion, metacafe and

Drive Traffic With Video to your Blog :

Youtube is not only good for products reviews, its also good for driving unlimited traffic to your own blog, it gets billions of views each day  and it is extremly simple and effective site which has better conversion when you drive awesome value that people need​

​Search Engine for Videos !

Take it easy and optimize your videos for search engine following these important elements to separate yourself from competition and get more targeted traffic

  • Tarket keyword/ long tail keyword
  • Ideal Video Length/ it should be less than 10 minutes
  • Some backling for Ranking​
  • Keyword in Meta description

​There are some videos with keyword" lose weight fast" in first page i really don't know how they got there with a competitve keyword  in a short period of time but i believe google loves youtube.

​Here is a simple way to follow, easy to use, it works and get you results, take it seriousely and do some work. so Create 

  • Facebook fanepage
  • Twitter profile page 
  • Youtube Channel
  • Slideshare Account 

Now it is time to create 3 videos a day in something you are passionate about​ to help audience solve some specific problem then upload these vidoes on your facebook fanpage, twitter page, youtube channel and your presentation on slideshare, after seven days of hard work you have done 21 videos and each one gets you some amount of traffic.

After some days of work you will have 21 videos on youtube channel, 21 on facebook, 21 on twitter  and why not on other social networking sites such google+ and facebook groups.

It it very cool to teach people with videos something they need, something that help them solve problem so they feel hungry about what you offer and as a result they will follow you to learn more.​