How To Make Money Fast

how to make money fast

In this article i want to share with you the answer because many people ask this question to find a reliable answer. There are several ways to make money online in several niches. and there is no better way than starting your own startion which is your blog. where you can write several articles for the community to let them engage and respond to your comments. before you start you need to know your audience and what are their needs. then focus on writing high quality content. once you get found in search engines and then interact with you. if you write long and detailed content that solves a specific problem people are going to like and bookmark your site.

​when you ask a blogger or webmaster. about starting a profitable blog online. they will ask you to work consistently to serve your audience with their needs. they won't inform you to make money online without a website. establish your brand by writing high quality content and provide tons of value to your readers. that's how smart bloggers work to mak money online.

​when i started blogging online , i didn't know how to buy a domain name nor web hosting and didn't know how to install a wordpress or write content. but i had a long desire to work consistently to gain results. i started learning the basics and small skills before any advanced strategies. there is no better way than where get  better advices to all your questions.

Those who have successful blogs and are entrepreneurs have one thing in common. they work consistently. most people don't recognize those who are successful are working 24/24 hours to win the competition. serve their readers and provide massive value. they spend 24 hours writing a blog post and spend a week promoting that content in several social media sites. twitter, facebook, pinterest, google+...etc and convert each article to video that means more traffic from one article. you need to find several and proven marketing tactics that gain you results. it all starts with you and which traffic source you like to use for your business.

Make money online with google adsense :

The most common ways of making money online with blogs is adsense.


Google adsense means you take ads of companies that advertise with google and put them on your website. when a visitor clicks that ad on your website. google shares a percentage of that profit with you.

You need enough visitors in your website to read and click that ads to make money. If you are looking for ways to cheat Google and search engines you will be blocked and lose your adsense account. Nowadays we have social media sites and fantastic options. FIRST build your own tribe in every social media site and start promoting your best content there. When someone likes your content, he will visit your website. Billions of users on social media sites, facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, reddit, stumbleupon...etc if you are not using these websites you are losing so much traffic that get you money.