How To Increase Traffic To My Blog

There are two ways to increase traffic to your blog. some of them are free and paid, but most of us love free traffic, so iam going to share with you some strategies and ways of free traffic.

The number one source that i believe the best traffic souce is google and search engine, people go to google type a keyword and find what they are looking for, google has quality traffic and has the best to offer to your business, focus on providing quality content on your blog, optimize the title with content to be relevant to what people are searching for, build some quality backlinks to help your site appears in first pages and get some traffic.

Why Google is the best source of traffic ?

When people search they are obviously telling search engines what they want during that moment , searching at the right time, for me probably want to buy a product that looking for. that’s the power of google seach engine, the right time seach with the right offer.

How to increase traffic to my blog

The second source is video marketing, youtube for videos is the most powerful search engine forgenerating quality traffic, the traffic you get from video is hot, it is really powerful because people can see your face, trust you and listen to the value you offer.

Why Video marketing is the second source of traffic ?

Video has become very popular source of selling products because it is powerful for communication and product reviews, electonics, cosmetics and many other offers, youtube users watch videos online all the time, it is very effective platform for all businesses to promote their products.

How to increase traffic to my blog

The Third source is Social Media such facebook, twitter, linkedin and Pinterest, you can post your content to get high quality traffic, if your content goes viral people like it and share it with their friends, the more fans you follow the more shares you get.

Social media is the third source of traffic ?

Social media sites are free services in which we communicate, share and make a tribe, social media allow us build worldwide community, these sites such facebook, twitter, pinterest have millions of audiences they have greatly helped build and increase the potential of businesses online.

How to increase traffic to my blog

The Fourth source is Podcasting , i know you are unfamiliar with podcasting, and probably seems new thing for you, its a great way to reach people, they can listen and subscribe to your channel.There are several ways to get quality traffic to improve traffic to your site, Reddit and tumblr are some of the best sources to get thousands of visitors everyday without doing any paid traffic with google adwords or FB ads.

Definately i believe to increase your site traffic you need to post unique content and take part in backlinks and post some articles on hubpages, wikipedia can be also be an other option for you.

Also participate in groups and forums, make an impact by driving value before you leave your signature, write some comments on blogs related to your niche and i guarantee this strategy will bring more traffic