How To Get Your Content Seen And Shared online

Are you struggling to stand out from other bloggers to get customers?

Wondering how to do that ?

In this article i will show you how to post one single blog post and get it in front of thousands of readers.

​If you spend time writing a high quality article in your blog, chances are more likely to reach top and get amount of visitors.

If you focus on spending one week to create more detailed and long single post that includes :

  • Compelling Headlines
  • Attractive And Engaging Content
  • Custom Images
  • Solving a specific problem

And you spend only ten minutes advertising it on your social media with your followers in twitter, facebook, linkedin, google+ and pinterest

But Wait

There will be good news when you have one thousand follower in every social media profile to clarify you have done something special.

You expect over 500 of 1000 followers will read that single post on your blog, you will see the highest conversion rate​ so more people will share it with their followers.

We are not talking about other social networking sites in your niche that have enough estimated monthly traffic that accept quality content.

So You May ask yourself this question : 

I have Already written a blog post about getting twitter followers using tweepi tool, which helped me get targeted followers.

So if you really want to grow your followers, there are free and paid tools in the market and everybody wants free methods to get 1000 follower in twitter, facebook, pinterest, liknkedin and google+. i think the first step you should take before getting any followers is to have a good bio about your online business  and a relevant photo of yourself.

people want to know who you are and what you offer to engage, like, know and trust you.... but How ? by driving awesome value that you have in your blog, if they like that , you will see comments, shares and ask you better questions to get better answers. this is called social engagement in business that leads to sales again and again.

I use similarweb to measure estimated monthly visitors these sites get before i send a single post.

Over all traffic numbers go as expected and brings real results.

I have seen articles that start with "How to " and " How to Get " have alot of comments, shares and readers all the time.

If you focus on solving a specific problem in details you always have a real business that provides awesome value that makes readers happy, like you and always hungry to read your new posts

  • Awesome Value
  • You Do A Great Job
  • Make Them Happy

What do successful blogs have in common ?​

They Get lots of visitors and google loves their content.

If you don't know marketing you don't really have a business, before publishing any single post , you should already know it will go viral. its all about connecting businesses to people and know what customers really need.​