How I Went From Zero To 10 000 Targeted Twitter Followers

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​When i first started blogging online, i thought about building my communities in social media. on facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram and twitter was my first source for Building my tribe. i was spending more hours figuring out how it is possible to gain targeted followers to read my content and engage with my stuff.

I wanted to get at least 100 people on my twitter profile, i designed a profile, added attractive cover picture and wrote a good description, people need to know who you are, what you offer and how you can help them. afterwards i started using tweepi and manageflitter tools to follow and unfollow people in same niche. these two effective tools helped me follow smart bloggers and their targeted followers.

Two months later my followers had grown to 1000 people and i knew tweepi and manageflitter tools can help me add more targeted twitter followers. i wanted to get 1000 instead of 5000. i needed to start small before thinking about big numbers. to learn the basics before any advanced strategies.

How i do it....

I started posting Good content from my blog and even from to give value and engage with the community, so that they can tweet and reach other followers by few tweets to increase my followers. this worked awesome.

Twitter's header image

You get amazing results when you design a compelling twitter's header image. i have seen many authors and bloggers presenting their high converting cover to sell their offers. twitter' s header image is the first thing readers see when they land in your profile. if you could Create cover image that describes your business, then users will start following you. you only need to understand how to design an effective image. i have added some examples here.

twitter header image describes what he offers. so readers decide to follow.

I love this twitter cover image. he is Giving away something to read. nobody follows you unless you have something in return.

twitter marketing strategy

if you are interested in Getting Social. then join her. But would be Great if she offers a free ebook.

I always had free time to design Good images and do cool stuff for the communtiy. " a tweet without attractive image doesn't get more clicks" i also give them a reason to follow me on my blog so that they optin and read more content. you just need to know no twitter follower or facebook fan follows you unless you have something in return. you need to give more than you get, share what you have, post good stuff and give more support.

I followed the same strategies using tweepi and manageflitter. just following smart bloggers and webmasters, SEO experts and i worked consistently to see results. consistency and focus were my part to get as many followers as possible. if you ask successful entrepreneurs who have large twitter followers they will tell you that didn't happen overnight. ti takes time and effort.

How I Got 5000 twitter Followers

I noticed people follow me back each day i get at least 50, there is a respond and retweets, they find something they like and i wanted to keep giving more value. i was getting more twitter followers. now i have reached 10 000 that's because of easy steps i planned to implement in my business.

Six tips i used for twitter

  • I used Tweepi and Manageflitter Tools
  • Designed an attractive Profile Cover
  • Added My Own Picture.. as people need to know who you are 
  • Image is thousand times faster than words
  • Focus and cosistency are important 
  • Provide Good content for the Community

Over time i realized, giving massive value to your tribe, makes them excited and become hungry for more, they bookmark you as a smart blogger, they tweet and others retweet your stuff. and this increases the number of followers.

Since then my twitter has increased to 10 000 followers, this didn't happen overnight you need to plan and organize your reach and who you follow. my priority was to build winning headlines, and Good content.

I knew that to produce good content you need to research to come up with the best ideas to write about in a specific niche. and convert that blog post to video and cheat sheet so that you have more channels to get massive traffic.

how to get targeted twitter followers