How To Get More Blog Traffic, Tactics To Use

How to Get more blog traffic, Tactics to use

Everybody wants more traffic for blog, more traffic means more money in your pocket.

There are hundreds even thousands of ways to drive traffic. seriousely you have tried hundreds of ways and networks but not getting enough traffic. that’s why you are reading his post. and you want more and more traffic.

In my view point, the reason you are not getting enough traffic, you don’t focus on one source of traffic for a while of time to master it and build a connection with others.

Right ?

I want to share with you ways that help you get more visitors daily but i want only to share only one tip now.

Start engagement with others.

This is so simple tip. of course you have facebook, twitter, pinterest so if you have more followers and you connect with me by educating them, solving their problems. focus on driving value, this tip works great and get expected results.

No worries about any google updates when you implement this strategy. there are ways out of social such yahoo answer, yelp and Quora. something you can do in daily basics  and bring results for long time.

We want traffic from what people type in search engines daily from google, yahoo and bing but the more channels we are connected with the more traffic we get.


Making a connection with others is fantastic

everyone wants new customers and repeat customers and repeat buyers. they like our support because they need growth in their businesses on info that help them.

By connecting with successful bloggers online and follow their plans will give us professional ways and support when we are wrong, we learn new things and advices

I myself benifited from bloggers and found their content and advices as cool as friends.

Do something enjoyable to learn from others , this grows your business a lot ” the money is made when you drive value and help others, so when they trust you they buy from you “