How To Explode Sales In Any Niche

How to explode sales in any niche

I am sharing with you the 7 steps that will absolutely explode your sales whether you are promoting
your personel offers or other marketers or JV’s.

to find a niche is to search for what is already buying. what people are looking for to buy
to solve their problems. for example if you are in weight loss niche, which is a billion dollar market.
try to target a specific thing such diet or lose belly fat then create a killer content that people want
want to react with and able to share content that really converts.

Go to clickbank marketplace and search different niches and check their gravity, if it is over 50 percent
then it converts well and marketers are promoting that product because people are buying it.

This will show you what people are buying also see complete items to have more knowledge about that.

Go to Amazon and search ” best selling items” in general this will show you a complete understanding
Sign up with an autoresponder only $1 to start

you are going to make a research, the product benifit, get their information from the product sales page
and their affiliate promotional material.

for example if you are selling fitness and have some useful tips and info about how to benefit and use
the product that is right for you.


Build a capture page

A squeeze page is a must, offering en ebook, video, or a webinar, giving value that encourages people to
subscribe to receive your newsletters.

This Squeeze page must have 3 things


A- powerful headline
Explaining what you are going to offer when they enter their email/ the biggest benefit


B-Call to action

  • Just enter your email
  • Just enter your best email
  • Make it easier for people to subscribe
  • Don’t say ” click here” better say Download now.


C– It is provided by your autoresponder, you sign up with aweber/ getresponse
it is easier to use their platforms if you don’t like their squeeze pages design, go to fiverr
its only $5 to hire someone to create one for you.

Offer Value, value means something makes your subscribers happy when they trust you, they will buy from you I can’t drive value if iam not valuable myself, you should always invest in your mind and keep a strong relationship with your readers.


What to offer to your subscribers :

Video, Webinar,  Good coaching, ebooks PDF…et  and each time you creat good content to keep engagement with you readers.

I always say the best content, writing simple sentense that everyone understand.