How To Drive Traffic Without Google ?

​I Think We have Enough Networks and Platforms To use in daily Life to Get enough amount of visitors to our Blogs. Google is making Everything harder and it takes time to see results . and it is a long journey. We have to Write high converting content and optimize each blog post with the right keyword and Build some quality backlinks. Then Our focus should be Social media Sites such facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

They Have millions of Daily Users. If we Post Good Stuff they need They will keep coming back to our Blogs. When I am networking with people. i always like to share my best content and strategies i learn online. its a step to gain trust from those bloggers and webmaster.

Today it is getting harder to rank with competitive keywords when we find authority sites with many pages, google always keep updates and wants connecting businesses with unique content, which means businesses with good content can rank first page.

Nowadays probably you can not chase on google with blackhat SEO, as always there is a loophole but everything changes when updates happen and slap happen to your blog, you go from having thousands of visitors to nothing, and earning good income with adsense to nothing overnight, webmasters and bloggers like to have natural ways to generate lasting traffic from search engine when they have unique content, natural backlinks and with white hat SEO which keeps their website into guaranteed traffic .

Other Traffic Methods :

Blog Commenting :

Blog Commenting is one of the most effective ways to drive taffic to your site, look for similar niche sites related to the same topic , read the whole article and comments carefully to have an idea what are they about, then post a comment and please don’t spam, write something useful and help the community before leaving your site link.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest :

Social media sites are the largest sources online to drive traffic to your blog, you should share your content and keep positive engagement with the community to get comments, likes and followers, you can get shares when you write viral content, these social networks such facebook, twitter and pinterest drive massive traffic to your blog whenever you want without spending a dime on advertising.

Facebook Groups :

join facebook groups, once you are accepted by group in your niche, focus on educating the community in the group to build trust and then start promoting your links.

Guest posting :

Improve your search engine ranking most sites like hubpages requires unique articles, you actually write it or hire a freelancer from odesk, fiverr, or elance, this guest posting drives readers and natural backlinks to your blog.

Forum Posting :

I know many people don’t know the right way to get massive traffic to their blogs when posting in related forums, first you need to join a forum and start driving value by helping the community answering their questions and be open for discussion so people will start engaging with your topics so that they will be more happier to read when they see your profiles. You keep posting at least once or twice a day without posting your signature link, so the forum amdinistrator will not drop you out of the forum. After ten days of positive replies its time to place your blog URL in your signature and never be worried about dropping out from the forum.

Warriroforum Marketing approach

Things you need to know about warriorforum

When you are in the forum i suggest to use your real name because you are in a

business and need to make an engagement with the community to know who you are.

Have a picture of yourself or a logo of your website is great for your branding.

Now !

How to get traffic using warriorforum ?

Click on edit signature in your profile and write a good description including your

website url.

So everytime you post an answer or a question on the forum, people will see your

signature and click on your website.

The Main purpose to getting most of forum traffic is to find a good related forum and post content that

readers need.

  • warriorrforum signatureBe active on forum and social Media sites
  • Be active on more similar forum for more traffic
  • Answer as many questions as you can
  • Get to know More people

Reddit :

Reddit is a fantastic website that most people don’t know about, visit to see how many searches reddit gets a month, Join the website then find a sub-reddit related to your niche, start posting value for a week or ten days so you can’t be marked as a spam. It takes only 5 minutes eash day to post something useful to educate the community, then write good headline that makes visitors click on your link.

Solo Ads :

I think this traffic is new for some people but its an old method to internet marketers, how it works , you go to solo ad seller and buy a package of 1000 clicks or more directly to your website, There are several solo ad sellers online, i can’ t recommend any of them, search on goole and find many of them.

Video Marketing :

Video marketing is a fantastic strategy to generate targeted visitors to your website by posting valuable informations, always be helpful by giving a review or explaining new marketing strategy to the audience, you will be amazed by the massive views .

AD swaps :

While you gain a good list of subscribers online, then you decide to exchange your subscribers list with other marketers, you promote your list with his website and he does same for his list, here is a good website for ad swapes