How To Create A Great Blog Post

how to create a blog post

The one thing you should do to get more traffic is to create great content.

if we spend long time creating great content and that content brings much traffic so we have visibility for long time in search engines.

If you have great content even one post and goes viral so when 20 people read it then 18 of them will shares it with their friends and customers. so more visitors in your blog that means more leads in your business as a consequence more money in your pocket.

You have to be strategic to write and develop great content if you know what your customers want you will write something super to attract them and prevent them from switching to an other blog. so if you don’t provide great content to keep visitors coming to your blog then your competitors will do.

You can build high income stream blogs in different niches, blogs that produce good money, you just need to know the real practise of building these successful sites.

How To Find Blogger To Write For You?

Guest posting is great with other blogs, nowadays google has a strong relationship with authority sites with many pages, and you need to do both practices writing for your business to get backlinks to your site and guest post to attract more visitors from other channels. hupages, ezinearticles are great places…etc

We write more content to reach readers and get backlinks.

Build a strong plan to write at least 2 articles a week, it is still not a lot, but seems good plan.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself when you need content.

    • what is the best way to find qualified writers?
    • How much should a writer change me ?
    • What startegy you can use to produce better content 

Build a blog with good content

Writing a lot of content on your website make the prospects come again and again to read your stuff and you will be able to focus only on conversions and sales, provide value and never make weak content, well written content is very important for readers and search engines, don’t be smart when you write, just simple and understandable content.

It is quite hard to post new content everyday for your customers but twice a week is perfect plan to keep engagement with your visitors, not all businesses do this but this will help your business growth.

There are two choices you write good gontent in your blog to attract readers and get good rankings or let other competitors steal your readers. focus on writing more blog posts and something that makes an impact, something makes your readers come back again and again.