How to Build High Quality Backlinks


How to build quality backlinks



I have found a good way which is effective to build high quality backlinks to your blog, as always changes happen in google algorithms, so we need to keep building links and not be affected by any updates. links are so important in the search engine to rank better. Without quality backlinks related to a webpage we can’t gurantee any ranking improvements. linking with high page ranking sites is what empowers the web.

Google likes to see websites with natural links related to the same niche, these links are helpful, google doesn’t track whether you buy links or not, it needs to see you have strong connections with other channels.


Some link strategies work great if you choose the right sources, keep building links to get positioned by google in first page, write an article and post it on or that get you good amount of links and rank better positions in search engine.


Guess what?

During the years bloggers used to build links with the same anchor text and keyword. But the game changed and nowadays it is required to write different anchor text and keyword inserted . keep your website with acceptable anchor text so links can be natural let’s give an example, you are building links with the keyword « make money online « instead of using the same keyword in another directory, we use « online making money » or « make money at home « so google can find natural work .


Guest posting

Article marketing was very effective before, but google found that these websites are making thousands of dollars without even doing any work , so new changes occured, guest posting with unique content to grow audience and build backlinks is the way to go. i am not sure you can get instant access overnight with guest posting, it needs time, patience and effort to drive quality content to get links and traffic.


Your website content

Your website needs unique content to make engagement and get backlinks write content that readers are going to share and like by driving value so you won’t worry about any google updates, if you have bad content it might affect your SEO, your audience want simple and rich content that truly solves problems .


Definately build quality backlinks that can last for long and improve your placement in the search engine, begin with blogs in same niche and results comes in a period of time after some posting. backlinks are always important to rank higher, go to warriorforum and buy some links from warriors, there are several people selling links with PR. this  strategy gives you good placement in SEO.


Backlinks strategy to use in your blog to make sure you have natural backlinks

-write 10 guest post to get quality backlinks

-comment in authority blogs

– participate in forums and get some backlinks

-Submit your blog to some relevant directories

-Get some web2,0 backlinks