How Many Backlinks Do You Need To Rank On First Page

how to build backlinks

​Do you want to know the one thing to get the right performance ?

Not sure how to do it ?

In This article i will demonstrate techniques i use myself to gain backlinks to my blog.

  • You don't need technical SEO skills.
  • You don't need acknowledge 
  • You don't need to be a SEO expert 

The way google ranks webpages is not complicated as you think

When i started learning the basics of SEO, i was reading a lot of forums, blog posts  and came across different opinions about ranking websites.

Most blog owners have same understanding about search engine and know the top secret is to build consistent backlinks from  high authority sites. to be more clear

One backlink from a premium site is more better than thousands of links from simple sites. google gives priority when you are linking with high PR sites.

 You might think about writing an effective article and post it on some of these big sites. first to gain exposure for that specific keyword and quality backlinks .

If you really want quality backlinks and boost for your online business, you have to write articles on other blogs more than you write on your own blog.

Backlink #3

Backlink #2

Backlink #4

Backlink #5

            My Website

Backlink #6

Backlink #7

Backlink #8

Backlink #10

When a website is linking to an other site on the net, it gives a positive review to google and google start trusting your natural backlinks and gives you fast ranking.

Now you understand the google's entire search engine is links.

I think you have been through several SEO forums, reading and asking good questions to get better answers to implement what you have learned but

No Results.

SEO takes time and it is a long jouney, if you are targeting a competitive keyword such" lose weight fast" or " make money online"  and there are at least 10 authority sites on first page. that means it is hard to get there as you need thousands of backlinks or probably a community to work with you.

Here is my SEO plan that i follow to gain natural backlinks.

​Keyword Research :

The first thing you should know befor Marketing on Google.

Its important to choose the right keywords that are related to the blog posts you write to target a specific community of people to see improvement in every SEO campaign. many SEO campaigns fail because of wrong keywords. using google planner tool gives you full potential of keywords that are profitable 

On- Page optimization 

  • You get effective visitors who can buy your stuff and offers
  • You can convert traffic to buyers and repeat buyers 
  • You can effectively get daily visitors
google planner

Yahoo and Quora Answers

Yahoo answers has millions of users and google loves yahoo, you can type a specific keyword. find questions that are ranked high in search engine and post an engaging answer with link to your website or offer. just make sure all answers are clear and not spamy.

I like to use Quora because The more questions i answer the more views i get. i focus on writing long lines to give a simple understanding and solving a specific problem in details.

  • I Get Comments 
  • Upvoted and lots of views even to my old answers

Create PDF

I have spent two months writing a specific PDF ebook to push it with many high authority pdf sharing sites, like . it took me three minutes to create an account and upload my ebook. Now i have done a Great job to start with these sharing sites and forget about that. so i will get guranteed indexing.

Nobody will tell you how to rank first page of google. bloggers spend a lot time using different strategies to rank first page. when it happend some of them know which technique has improved their ranking.

​Do You Think The Best SEO tactics are kept secret for most people ​

You May say SEO works for many marketers and agencies and they don't want to share their secrets. they found something that works for them.

Many bloggers know the basics of SEO. what about advanced SEO tactics to get first page with competitive keywords.

In my View Point There are two major ways to get better rankings.

  • Get high quality backlinks from authority sites. even one backlinks from premuim site will get traffic.
  • Content : You need to write high quality content at least 1000 words, long and detailed article is fine.
  •  guarantee index when you combine these two elements.


​If you have  spare time try to create two articles and post them on which is PR3 .i always make sure i write simple content that everybody understands, and never use complicated words. if you also can do this i guarantee indexing while using tumblr PR8 and weeblyPR7 too.


You see how hard it is. you should keep writing engaging content on your blog and more artciles on other blogs to make sure you have quality backlinks and Ranking to get more traffic. its not easy. much work is involved. 

Photo Sharing Sites :

Never ignore sharing sites. they have become very popular nowadays and easily can index your photos on search engine. sites like flickr is powerful to start with. create an account and add your photo with a link back to your site.

Conclusion :

The only way to win in SEO is to never break the rules. everything you do for building backlinks or content should be natural and in a steady pace.

SEO is a long journey. results will appear in three months when you are targeting a low competitive keywords. sometimes can be guranteed in a short period

I have tested a specific keyword i was targeting for some of my blogs. which was ranking #181 and now its # 19 that's because of natural backlinks i was creating. and each time i work on backlinking strategy i know there  will be results in SERP​.


Here is the Screenshot about traffic i was getting while working on two factors. content and links

  • I Write Good Content on my blog to let google know i always add fresh content 
  • Build Quality backlinks by writing good content.
  • Comment on other blogs with targeted keyword
  • Answer Questions on yahoo and Quora then post a link
  • I make Sure These backlinks are natural to google