The Difference Between An Affiliate And A Vendor

how to become an affiliate

Most people who start making money online they start as an affiliates with clickbank, JVzoo, Amazon or Ebay affiliate programs or some other good sources and trusted marketplaces.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go and sell vendors products for a commission before creating your own product, most people relay on clickbank as they pay high commissions for each sale.

A vendor is a person who create a product and place it on the marketplace so affiliates and JV partners are likely to make you thousands by sending customers to your new offers so who makes good money affiliates or vendors ?

Both are great but it is superb to be a product creator because you will make more while affiliates struggle with differeent sources and launching ad campaigns to promote your stuff for commission moreover you are likely to sell it for 100% benifits to your own customers.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to start making money online, you can do both ways same time and earn more money online when there is a new product on the marketplace you only make sure it converts like crazy then why not be an affiliate and earn yourself some money.

Become an affiliate :

Some marketers say traffic is easy to get from different sources to promote affiliate links, you can use social media, facebook, twitter and videos or if you have enough targeted traffic coming in to your website create a banner on the sidebar and add your links.

competitive market :

When you see many affiliate marketers promoting same offer, it means there is a high competition and that’s where money is made because you are in a competitive niche, if there is no competition and noone is promoting that offer means you are in a weired niche and better stay away, it doesn’t convert.

You are likely to do well when you have the right system and able to master one traffic source to understand how to launch a successful campaign and capable to convert a visitor to a buyer, 90% of affiliates don’t earn any dime online and 10% able to work smarter not harder with strategic planning to make massive profits.

There are some proven methods to send traffic to your offers whenever you want, the ad campaign you launch everyday will die off and visitors are unable to purchase from you first time they see the offer, focus on building stream income by building strong relationship with your customers.

Become a vendor

Vendors are likely to make more income monthly $1000 and $10 000 monthly. newbies in internet marketing can create a product and become vendors and earn $500 and $1000 you have more chances to make money because there are affiliates out there promote for you.

you get sales and more income when you become a vendor.

More money for you.

You have done the whole work as a vendor and no worries about using any traffic sources, you have done the right success so affiliates can work on your behalf to get you sales and commissions for themselves.

Always take a challenge and never be scared to be a vendor, all you need a simple system to help and educate other people to make money online, when you earned some money online and feel you are capable to create a product just do it, learn everything, test then you will be successful, remember always take action.