How I Added 1000 Targeted Twitter Followers

Display your own photo :

One of the most important aspects to get followers is to have a reasonable profile photo that describes your business, people need to know who you are and what you offer.

So They decide to follow or unfollow you ( its business). Followers want to avoid fake twitter accounts.

Good twitter Biography :

It also deponds on your bio whether your future tweets are valuable for them or not, this determines if you are qualified to share extra value when they follow you. Its the right moment o take your business into the next level by having twitter audience. I am writing this post to show you the plan behind using tweepi that actually works and it is your choice to target high quality followers.

How does Tweepi work ?

Tweepi tool has different ways of searching for followers who are interested in your business Once you add targeted users that you feel are your target customers , start engaging with them, provide extra value based on valuable informations.

 Twitter has rules and notifies you when you exceed  the number which is 1000 followers/day

Tweepi is Good for :

  • Growing your followers
  • building targeted followers
  • Establish valuable connection
  • Great approach for your business

Large Twitter following

I was not aware about the importance of twitter traffic, since most people use facebook so i decided to learn a lot about twitter and how to generate traffic, to tweet and engage .Its not hard to build large audience of followers, once you create an account with it becomes easier 

Which is the best tool i use, it brings real results, save you more time and takes only 5 minutes to target who are interested in your business. If you have a blog in weight loss niche, better target businesses with large numbers of followers and who last tweeted, those are active on twitter

My Method i Use when i follow someone

target a market that are buying stuff and able to spend money, they should be in the following countries USA , Uk, NZ, Australia, and ireland, they need what you offer, able to engage and convert.

Here are some words i write on tweepi to get followers :

  • Internet Marketing 
  • Make Money Online 
  • Affiliate Marketing

​You can target successful people online by name in your niche who have thousands of followers.

Twitter Slap

Twitter has rules and limitations and i don’t like to be slapped and lose my account, so i follow only 300 per day and when i see some following me, i follow 100 again, it all goes slow. During a month you will build a large number of followers.

Let’s do the Math

100x 30 =3000 A MONTH

200x 30 = 6000 A MONTH

300 x 30 = 9000 A MONTH

Keep in mind to take it safe, simple to add more people without breaking the rules.

Tweepi is super easy to figure out and make it work for your business , there is around

40, 500 searches monthly on google which is the main reason i recommend it for you. How can you believe 1000 targeted followers for $7.

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Followers when i used tweepi in 7 days.

  • I followed 1500 targted followers
  • 450 people followed me
  • 200 visits to my blog
  • 1min/ time on my site
  • 20 tweets

Tweet, Twee, Tweet

You might be wondered and ask.

  • What should i tweet about- Best time to send a tweet ?
  • How to write a good tweet
  • How many times should i tweet a day

Daily Content :

I already have ready content on my blog and feel this kind of post can solve someone’s problem, so i like to send a tweet about a new blog post. People like to watch videos, if you could create or convert a blog post into video, this would be pretty, just make sure some extra value is included and keep doing what works.

Include Image in your Tweets

Having an attractive image and headline is what gets you high open rate and more interaction​, so you need to focus on what your audience want and what make them engage with you, i believe having great images in tweets get high conversion as people like images, design and content, these three elements are so important to grow your audience, they become hungry to read your tweets all the time because you are doing excellent job based on awesome value.

It is important to know what kind of images are good and bring more visitors to your blog, designing your own images is your priority based on how creative you are.

It is simple and super easy to create a perfect image using or canva. i myself didn't know how to do that. but i didn't stop learning, i kept trying and and now able to design images, simplicity is what i like a lot in the content and images.

Best time to tweet to get most visibility and respondes.

If you are familiar with email marketing then you know the time your subscribers open emails so probably same works for your tweets and i think

Tweets that are posted in the afternoon hours get higher CTRs than tweets in the morning.It is Up to you. If you feel you have something to help someone ( followers) then why not post 5 tweets a day this will remind your audience about your business to establish a lasting relationship.

how to use tweepi

​I want to explain you how to use tweepi in images, it seems easy to start, you just need to look at and go for it. 

First you need to log in to your  twitter account via tweepi site to get connected and start seeing how the site works.

​Afterwards you should click on follow followers and then go to twitter to find people in your niche. get their username, copy and paste it there so you will see all the followers.

​Within there you should know who is  active and and tweeted within the last 48 hours. don't add any fake profiles that means spam in business. follow users who have more than 1000 followers. 

Keed doing this everyday and you will see users following you. remember the first thing that make people follow you is your business.

  • Who you are 
  • What You Offer 
  • Your Profile cover 
  • Your Main Picture
  • Describing Your Business 

​Nobody will follow you unless you have something in return.