How Do You Self Publish an Ebook On Amazon

How do you self publish a book

If you have a business and don’t know marketing, you actully don’t have a business. If you have a blog and want to rank first page and don’t do the keyword research and write good content, you truly don’t expect to get better ranking.

If it looks so, everybody will start doing this and get sales for years and years. Getting reviews for your ebook helps you get good ranking on amazon. and to get reviews you have to provide so much value to your readers.

Keyword is really important to separate yourself from competition.when there is competition, its where there is money. Choose some Categories that are less competitive and Your focus should be to write high converting ebooks. people buy ebooks and when they see reviews from other people.

If you are travelling to a destination, you ask people for recommendations and check reviews before you travel right?

amazon wants to see more downloads, it is more different than Google. google is a search enegine where people type a keyword to read some blog posts and solve their problems. amazon is the biggest store in the world where people write a keyword to buy. if your book ranks on first page you Get good results.

​How To Rank on Amazon :

Go to amazon now and Choose Kindle publishing then type a keyword. to study that page and Ebooks. nobody can see that content, people can see only book headline, descrciption, cover and reviews. If you know how to entice readers with these four principles then you Get sales over and over and make sure to ask people to write a positive review for you.

​Write Your Own Book :

Writing ebooks is not only to write some piece of works or hire a ghost writer. its an art. it needs to be your passion and You must read books to have the right mindset and become an expert to let people come back over and over to read your next books.

Writing Good Books is based on how much value you deliver to your readers, are you a good author in that topic ? Do you have the right Title?

Your Book title is to your success. if you have the best content in the world, nobody can see it if you don’t have a great title to Get people click and Buy

​How To Get Review For Your Ebook :

​Getting Reviews for Your ebook is based on how much value you offer to those readers. do you actually give them a reason to write a positive review for you. Do you Help Them solve Their Problems ? You also Need to ask them inside your Ebook to Write a review for you. some readers enjoy it But have no time to write a review. But if you ask They Do it For you.

How Do You Self Publish an eBook

How Do You Self Publish an eBook