How Do I Write A Compelling Headline

killer headline

​How can i write a compelling headline ?

What should i write about to capture people's attention ?​

The concept of headline determines whether a visitor click  to read your blog post or not, if you are writing a killer title chances are high to capture people's attention. it is the most important thing to do before writing content.

You can go through some sites such :

  • ​
  • ​

And see how they are writing headlines  twicking their readers and how they infleunce on people to click on blog posts and read most content. they want you to spend more time on their site. ​

  • Grabs you
  • Hook you

For example they write headlines in which 9 of 10 people will click and read that post. they know what clients need and how to influence on them to read as many blog posts as possible and spend more time in every article they read. moreover chances become higher to get them back everyday.

Let's assume you are writing a blog post about weight loss and your blog title is " how to lose weight " and an other title " How i lost 20 pounds in two weeks "

Now you have a clear vision which blog post will have high click through rate. this means more traffic, comments and shares. there is always a trick to capture people's attention but keep what you promise in your title and let readers engage with you and get back to your site again and again.​

Educate The Community

Many online bloggers start a blog post  with " how to " as they focus on solving a specific problem by writing good content  on a certain topic.

Well. I have read many articles written by different marketers, writing about their own stories  for example " how i made $10 000 in 30 days "​ it seems great as they need to teach and educate people to do the same, as everyone wants to know how to do the same.

This converts Great as people want to know about  how he made it happen.

It would be also good to write educational and engaging content instead of stories all the time so visitors feel you always offer extra value.

Fors instance

  • 5 best traffic sources
  • 3 steps to build a successful blog
  • 5 ways to ​Write Great content that is sharable
  • Method for Video marketing to generate visitors

blog post title

Writing titles using numbers make people read your blog post, they need to know what is behind that number and feel you offer something educational and beneficial to them. 

Here are some Good list to start with :

How to

How to Find

How to Get rid of

Using Descriptive words



Beautiful ​

Here is Good list words to start with :

Descriptive words 





Why take

Why do you

How to Quickly

How to Deliver ​


The strongest 

The best 

The most effective 

I Think there will be more traffic after using these words in your blog titles, you can use google analytics to see the improvements and which blog posts had more visitors to add more content in that specific article.