Guest Posting Can Grow Online Audience

Guest posting with your unique articles.

Guest blogging is very important to drive backlinks to your site, search for blogs and start blogging by publishing your articles. blog owners encourage people to write for them, they can save time, they ask for unique articles, so you should write and optimize your articles and submit them.

How to find blogs related to same niche you own. just type the keyword in your niche followed by the important word “blog” then tens and tens of blogs will appear, start guest posting writing better and more detailed content than your competitors, focus on giving value to your readers, this will generates tons of traffic to your website.

Guest post for SEO

The importance of guest posting in other blogs is to improve your ranking in search engine to gain google Authorship.

Build your list

when you create a guest post, try to link it with your landing page or squeeze page, this gives you more chances to get more subscribers.

Twitter, google and facebook

When people sharing your guest post, you get more chances to convert them and build a strong relationship with.

Link from other Bloggers

Link with other blogs you know they have good ranking, reputation and able to give powerful backlinks to your website.

Advantages of Guest blogging

  • You get a link from a blog in same niche
  • The link comes from a better detailed content
  • There is a strong relationship with google to rank your website
  • Create many guest posts generates much traffic
  • Larger and viral guest post can be shared.

I am also sharing guest posting on other authority blogs so i get quality traffic to my site by building a strong relationship with search engines.

add value, educate people, be patient and overtime you will be the winner.