Ultimate Guide To Gain Thousands Of Readers.

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Smart Bloggers, Authors and Writers Have Struggled With Traffic When They started out.They Get 200, 500 and 2000. They Have Been Writing On Other Blogs to Grow Their Busineses Online.

Guest Posting is Still The Number One Strategy To attract, grow and Convert. It is still The number One strategy To Grow Your email List.

Forget about Tricks, and Blackhat Techniques and Softwares 

The More Blog Posts you read, The more Great ideas you come up with.

Please if you find a program that teaches to gain 10 000 readers without any work involved, then tell me so i can do it too.

How many times you tried methods to gaining qualified audience and failed. You said It Doesn't Work and jumped to an other.

This normally happens as you are searching for instant results, patience is a part of the game, The process you follow Gets you results again and again.


Know Your Audience :

  • Know where You are Going
  • What You are doing 
  • What You Are Going to Get ?

Find Good Target Market :

Similarweb.com is a tool that shows you monthly estimated traffic a website Gets. Social Media Sites They use to generate Traffic. Where The Traffic Comes From. What Keywords They Use. Its an awesome Tool That Shows You Data To Know Your target audience. Who are Your readers When You Guest Post On Their Blog.

Guest Posting 

I Think You already Know what Guest Posting is :

Its about Holding Off Writing articles in your Blog and start Writing Guest Posts On Popular Blogs to attract, Grow and Covert. That's the Way to Bring floods of Visitors to Your Blog posts when You have zero Readers.

guest posting

Entrepreneur blog attracts Millions of readers each day, there is more traction from influencers all the time. Millions of Entrepreneurs Visit The Blog To Get new and Uniques ideads from Experts, Entrepreneurs and successful authors.

Your Biography is More than Important :

Your Main interest is to Build credibility, Make Your business Visiible to More Customers to Get Free traffic to Your Blog.

If You don't Include an amazing Description about Your business at the end of each article you write and publish Then you lose 70% of traffic from a popular Site. Your Interest is to Help, educate, shate and attract subscribers from a blog and  show them Your content and Your lead magnet.

How can you do that ?

  • Share valuable content
  • Provide a strategy that triples and increase profits
  • Step by step Guide to solve a specific problem
  • Provide a social media marketing technique
  • Repeat over and over.

Why we Choose​ Entrepreneur ?

They have Thousands of articles in Their Blog. Just Enter a Keyword On Their Blog Search bar, You will find Bunch Of Quality in Your Niche.

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If  You Want To Gain Readers, Just Guest Post on an Influential Blog With Good Amount Of Readers. There Is A Space For You.

Businessinsider, Huffintgtonpost and Businessinsider Have Millions of daily Readers Each day. They have Established a strong brand. They have freenalce writers and Now They have Hundreds of Smart Bloggers Who write There to Get Their Message Reach potential Customers, To Build Quality BACKLINKS to Get Good ranking positions on seach engines.

Most people who post on these sites are bloggers, business onwers and entrepreneurs.​ if you are an expert and skilled at something you can write an amazing guest post there . if your article get accepted then you are so lucky to Gain traffic,  quality backlinks and rankings in search engines.

Here is an example

Can you Guess who created this article on these authority sites ?

The answer is simple.

This Smart Blogger Knows What he is Doing. He wanted to write a Guest post on a popular Blog. His main interest was to Write an article targeting a Competitive keyword to Get Floods of Traffic to His article and Readers would Visit His Blog Too.

How to write a Successful Guest Post 

Set A Smart Goal

Your main goal is to convince a reader to read your guest post and redirect them to your blog subscription form. to do that you have to include a Strong call to action.where most guest bloggers fail to make people follow them. noone follows you unless you have something in retun. you have to be smart and write a strong call to action that makes people feel you have value, they become hungry and always looking forward to read what you have.

Start setting a goal to redirect people with a strong call to action. the main purpose is to make readers follow you.

Right ?

If you follow what iam telling you Now. you will make your goal in the right track and gain results you have planned.

The Headline... Strong Call To Action :

Headline determines whether readers read your guest blog or not, if you grab their attention by something interesting such as step by step guide, techniques and tricks then you are on the right way to get high click through rate.

You should convince visitors to click and read what you promised in the headline, so they enjoy every sentence on the guest post. if you keep doing that in every article you write on influential blogs then i guarantee good results for you.​

Quality ​Content : 

It should be awesome, it should be with extra value. keep in mind content that is long and detailed make people excited to interact and share it​. you should always care about and know your target market before writing any piece of content. 

You should be better at writing, you will have energey and motivation and able to spend a week to provide users with amazing guest post that reaches hundreds and it can gets in hands of ​thousands.

Guest posting tip :

I think we have mentioned good example above but the one simple tip is to follow 10 influential bloggers in your interest, comment on their blogs and social media, try to connect and contact them to build a strong relationship with them.

Without a partnership you might get no respond and if you have good stuff they will be glad to share that with audience.

Now you might say what should i write them. well you have to be smart enough.

here is an example.

Hi Nathan

I am a full time blogger. i love your blog and everything you write for communities.

Your recent posts made me excited. i would like to write a guest post on your blog and make a positive  impact.​ i hope you would accept that and make a good partnership .


Writing content for other blogs is fantastic practise for you to get feedback. what i like about guest posting when you write articles on popular blogs, it helps you attract specific audience to read more content on your blog once you have a strong call to action and  and step by step guide this is where most bloggers fail. 

Its the one strategy i like when you have bad SEO campaign and tight budget for ads. guest posting is a white hat strategy and effective for your online business.​

Guest post