How To Grow Facebook Audience


Would you like to grow facebook audience?

Probably you are sharing your best content on facebook and not seeing any engagements or growing audience. well i can share with you some proven ways using free traffic to get more readers.

how to grow facebook audience


First you need to make sure you have like button on your website,peopel who visit your website are likely to leave without getting them back again.

To make it easier type” facebook like button” simply insert the website url of your facebook get the code to your blog, better place like at right side of your blog. so when visitors like your facebook page you are lucky to promote them any new articles you create again and again.

how to grow facebook audience


Connecting URL with pages

Every small and big businesses can do to promote their blog on profiles leaving a signature, it is simple to put in your personal page, edit whenever you need, also add your email and education level so people can contact you


Add Share button on your blog

 grow facebook audience


Add share button of social media such facebook, twitter and pinterest, when visitors read your content they are likely to share it when you place the button. “Accesspress social share” is  a good plugin to add in wordpress blog, it is free and easy to use.


Twitter an other social media

Twitter has hot buyers to your business when you use it the right way, keep tweeting every article you add on your website to get engagements and more followers to your business.


twitter followers

Advertise on facebook

Click on” create ad” on the right side to promote your fan page or website, i prefer to get ” likes” because you keep posting content whenever you create one.

Facebook ad platform allows you to target the right audience, those who are responsive to your business. you only choose catchy headlines and images to get high CTR for better results.


By promoting on facebook, you target the right audience by city, country, gender, and businesses for example you can target “surfers who live in california.

how to grow facebook audience


Join Facebook groups

how to grow facebook audience

Become a memeber in several groups related to your niche and build engagement by driving value before sending your blog signature.

You could create a group related to your business and attract people to join your group, facebok groups become active when there is a continuous communication.