Google Home Step by Step Guide. smart device

google home

finally Google has launched a smart google home device that allows you to connect your voice with search engine. you can ask everything you want using your voice. for example " beyonce run the world " 

then the video appears on the screen and you can listen to her song. it also allows you to ask google for a movie for example "prison break" and you can watch it on the screen. how awesome this google home smart device is ?

google is finally doing unexpected thing you wanted in your daily life. using it when you are busy in the kitchen, you can also connect with your family members. this make you achieve what you want when you are home.​

it allows you to connect with your family wherever you are in the world  without using your phone talking in a natural way. it fits natural. google home has built experiences and high quality of beautiful contacts with all people. it is a challenge that has driven these developers to give us this device to use it in our homes. and make things easier for us. 

You can ask google home any questions, for example about the weather in las vegas and you  get instant answer, immediate answers from google each time. it gets to know you about informations. and traffic to work. and many people still don't know how this would help businesses too. it has a vision to create a contact with entrepreneur and business owners.

when you are asking Google its like talking with someone. it becomes a robot.

When you say Hi google in your home . it seems like a new memeber in your home. asking questions to get answer is the best thing that people want. When Goole come to our homes. we will spell google many times in our houses.

It will serve us in a natural way with reliable answers. like asking a servant in a restaurant about food. But google home is better than a servant he will answer all questions. and give us the best answers.

google home smart devices