Blog Commenting Tips That Help you Attract influencers

good comments

Good comments ?  Good comments.... Good comments...... ?

People are more likely to comment on your blog and even convert from commenters to customers and repeat customers, once you have included Great content and step by step formulas on your blog.

Seems interesting

Is that enough to see results ?

Good comments ?  Good comments.... Good comments...... ?

Do you think you gain audience ?

Absolutely  Yes 

There is an other important tip if you can do it, you will increase your conversion rate. which is engaging to every comment on the blog.

It builds trust and confidennce for a long term business.

I think it makes big sense when you see comments with long lines that include, advices, questions and tips to reach infleuncers who keep coming.

The answer is ?

Answer every comment on your blog. if you don't have time for that. make that happen later to add long detailed tips, tricks to interact with blog commenters.

They find interesting informations that's how they like to respond and share what you do for the community. you deliver awesome value

You need to understand that discussion as a leading customer base.

Here is an example

Those guys have read article, free course or listened to a webinar but they still have something couldn't understand.  this is really important to keep your eyes open to ask questions to get better answers and take action.

blog commenting

Advantages of commenting :

When someone lands on your blog and find something interesting such blog posts that solve specific problems or proven strategies that means he enjoys the given content.

The game starts there. 

There are commenters, trust and proofs

My experience with Blog commenting.

Whenever i come across an interesting blog, i always read all blog post comments.

I find it exciting to know what obstacles they have.

  • What are they doing right on their businsses ?
  • What tips they could share with the community.

More Tips ?

Comments help you get interesting answers from influencers, they share advices that you can't find somewhere else.

The more comments you read, the more informormations you get. and more comments you write on several blogs, the more answers and audience you Get them follow you

Seems awesome ?

Blogging With influencers :

How To reach influencers ?

There is no better way to reach influencer than Posting Good content, strategies and stories.

Blogs that attract hundreds of comments have good stuff that get shared .

Give them a reason to write something for you.

Any piece of quality comment you write on your blog reflects on attracting other audiences.

That is a great way to get quick results.

Get open for responds and let others talk about your blog.

With unique content, i would say that you reach unsual numbers of people.

Read More Comments on influential blogs, There is a lot to learn from.​

​Commenting on influential blogs is an amazing practice of blogging, make you engage with other bloggers, you learn some formula that you can't find somewhere else. all you need is to build high quality content to allow people write good comments on your blog to gain more exposure and audience.

good comments