Free Traffic vs Paid traffic For Affiliate Marketing

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Many marketers want traffic without doing any hard work, if you want instant traffic you need to pay for it and if you want free traffic you gonna spend time.

Paid traffic is an excellent choice, most successful marketers online do paid traffic, the fact you can launch ad campaign, test and get quick results, master one traffic source and dig deeper to understand its platform and tricky ways before you move to an other network. let's talk about free trafic, does it take place in your business plan?

Definately you can get traffic without paying a dime for it, but you pay for it with time, you are not going to use adwords, bing or facebook ppc, free traffic from several networks such facebook, SEO, twitter, pinterest and Video marketing, drive value to make people engage with your content.

There are plenty of paid traffic sources to drive unlimited visitors

PPC, Madia buying, Facebook, Banner ads etc.

you will get massive traffic on autopilot easily and quickly, you need to spend money to make money, test campaigns, spend less to make sure whether ad campaign converts or not, then you scale up to get more targeted buyers.

Which Traffic source is better

People like to use both ways free traffic and paid traffic, but many online marketers prefer paid traffic more because it gives quick results , able to target the right audience at the right time with the right ad.