How To Add Extra Value To Your Audience

You May ask yourself what kind of value should i offer

to my audience so they buy from me .

Do i have to offer content, free videos, tell stories ?

How do i make a strong engagement?

These questions come to your mind when you think about providing value.​

​Many internet Marketers know the importance of real value to make sales but most don't do it right because unclear understanding how to warm up their audience.​

Details with


That's my chosen ways to sell to my audience again and again.

if you like retweet with your followers .

Make sure the info you offer is good and they will always love you.

Your Target  Market 

Now you have searched, and know your market and audience, then its time to focus on something to educate them and solve their problems. ask them questions, make podcasts, webinars, free ebooks, free softwares. give them something they really need.

When you focus on talking with many people targetting their needs is what keeps your audience interact with you without any distraction.

For instance! if you are in weight loss niche, you should focus on diet or lose belly fat, this allow you to determine your target market instead of weight loss in general.

Can you make success writing high quality content in different niches, of course you can do this. when you finish one website in a targeted market and you spend at least 2 years mastering that market then you can move to an other, this is what i believe focusing on one thing.​

Add extra Value

You might ask yourself how can i add value to my audience ?

You know people will not buy from you or any product they see first time.

Why ?

The answer is simple.

they buy from someone they know, like and trust. you may asky yourself why people buy from amazon store?

 its because of trust, secure system and super services they have in their platform

​Amazon has nearly one billion searches monthly and 25 milion customers holding their credit cards, they have spent thousand and thousands of dollars on advertising and built a huge branding which makes people buy from them yeard and years. 

The Future of Amazon!

​They are expanding in many countries and adding new stores in their site. amazon handcrafts, design and sell t-shirts, kindle ebooks already in store and people are making good monthly income with this kindle business.

And the best news about Amazon it is aiming creating their own TV service.

     ​Focus on answers

It all deponds on how you help someone.

If your answers, Blog post, Free Videos are amazing and gives valuable information to the audience solving a specific problem. then with one Blog post or Free video you get thousands of views.

I believe posting content with no value, will attract nobody to visit your site. positioning yourself as a trusted person is what makes you sell.​  

What people say about your books and products, is what say about you

Positive reviews mean you have included extra value based on informations that cost more than its usual price.

​Deliver More Value

​Basically delivering more value is to focus on people's needs in the market. it really make sense of success when you give people everything you have got so they feel comfortable about your service and quality stuff you offer compared with others in the same market.

With technology today you can reach more people and expand your business by gaining more customers by serving them, people follow you in your business because they see some kind of value so always excited and hungry because you absolutely help people.

Converting Your Traffic

let's talk a little bit about content before jumping to traffic generation and conversion.

Writing quality content on your blog is one step to make readers engage with you, the point here they found something needed. Now let's talk about traffic, affiliate marketers say traffic is the easiest thing. i know because they know how to start a profitable campaign  on some traffic sources such facebook and adwords and fugured out what works and what doesn't​.

But all these campaigns need something which is conversion, you need to learn how to convince these visitors to become buyers and repeat buyers .

If you ​follow these ways, i guarantee there is success, i have included some steps above :

1-Drive Massive value​

You want your visitors to buy your products first time they see your site, but they don't know who you are, and now confident what you have solve their problems, they need time and good informations from you.

2-How can i convince them

The right way that's proven and make results is to make sure you have given them what they need by providing awesome value.

This makes them happy and ready to purchase what you offer, you made them know, like and trsut which is the way to profit.

3- Social Triggers 

Getting good conversions is all about providing value to convince someone to purchase your offers, and to make that happen you should add some powerful psychological triggers.