Best Practices To Write Blog Content

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Do you have any core strategies to drive traffic rather than writing a piece of content to attract more visitors to your blog ?

Without doubt 

The answer here is to create blog posts with value content that get shared by hundreds of fans on social media. when you build a site that based on shareable content expect to reach as many people as you can.

That looks awesome

Right ?


You must have an imagination​ and the potential of your content before creating it.

  • Know who is your target audience to read that content ?
  • ​Does your content offer long details on solving a problem ?
  • Does it reach the potential customers and get seen and shared ?

In This article i share with you some tips you should focus on.

  • Create as many blog posts as you can
  • Build your authority and give more content to your audience.
  • Educate the community by delivering good stuff and make it easy.
  • Content Marketing

That's how you are not losing control on your business and never allow your visitors to go to your competitors. they find something in your blog and follow you whenever you have new updates.

You  should be able to make a visitor in the direction of the right style using infographic. and to do that you have to be a bit creative to give a boost to your online business.

Reach More Audience

Well Let's talk about how to reach huge numbers of visitors, i think you have to strategically attract customers by providing the community with something of extra value. something they can not find somewhere else so they bookmark your site.

Content marketing.....content marketing...content marketing.... ​Content marketing.. ?

Do you think when you focus on content marketing you reach huge influencers.

Absolutely Yes.

Once you provide value content + compelling stories =  Reach the right audience

​Content + a story 

tell stories

There is no better way to have success online than telling your own stories. its a way to reach audience, educate them about strategies, methods, tips and tricks you have been using.

Things you have done yourself and gained you results.

You have something for them

This is how they follow you.

For example :

Story that starts with " how to "

 " how i lost 85 pounds in eight months" 

This is a real story from a person who has experienced and lost 85 pounds so she will show you the way that make consumers want to do what she did.

Right ?

I think This is how you should Write your Blog posts Informing the community and make your content shareable on social media. you need to understand the majority of your influencers.

Consistent Stories on your blog  

You have posted a blog post about your successfull story and reached lots of consumers 


You understand the concept structure behind telling stories.

So every post you share on your blog, should include your stories, educated your audience with something that make sense on your business and remain on serving base.​

Content Get Shareable

If you spend more time creating that great content to get massive exposure and you didn't work on promoting that content to get in hands of many then you have done half job and you missed what is important.

That's why you don't have to ignore the battle of promotions whether free or paid advertising on social media. just push and expect good results to your content.

When you have 30 000 twitter followers.

And you send a tweet. only 10% of your target followers can see it and retweet it.

Seems interesting.

Right ?

Do it again and again and people will bookmark you as a value deliver.

A high quality blog post that teaches tips, tricks and strategies will have more shares, so you won't have trouble getting traffic.

If you Were Going to Write your stories on other Blogs, then you have chosen the right path to attract more audience.

More audience means : write on other Blogs more than you write on your own​.

It Gets shareable from there.


The first decision to make is to say,


To reach communities to get results.

That's the philosophy behind your abilities when you  go social where there are huge numbers of fans and followers who are ready to interecat with stuff you deliver.

You have designed a good website, created Good content then you just sit back and watch new visitors, that's because of the hard work you have done to create that content and get it in many hands of active users.

You are not weak when it comes to Writing a piece of Good content, we all learned from other experienced bloggers, and followed strategies they shared with us.  When you begin gaining that traffic  you know that's the starting point and from several channels you have built.​

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