How To Build Your Tribe By Picking The Right Target Market

build your tribe

It is not hard to get your first one thousand twitter follower or build a tribe online, since many complain about building their community and searching for ways to create an audience. some bloggers fail because they don't have a proven strategy that leads to gain results.

When i started online

  • I didn't have a smart goal​
  • I didn't know what to deliver to gain audience
  • I didn't know what is my target market

But i didn't stop, i started learning and reading many blog posts, searching for tips, techniques and step by step guides and following case studies that start with " how i " article  , " how i made "  ,  "how i generated"

This tells me these influential bloggers have something that gained them results, so they can teach us their successful stories to gain same results. i don't care if they want to sell their products and their successful stories. all i care about is value and results.

I loved their blogs as they offer awesome value each time they send an article. they know where to podcast and know how to market without using paid ads​. they know where to go because they are following something that works. 


  • They are giving and giving all the time
  • Share techniques that helped them grow their businesses.
  • Share every strategy they implemented in their blogs.

I Will share with you some tips that guarantee you results. 

know where to find your target audience​ :

​You might say google is a target place where customers type a keyword and find your offers, but you probably have started a bad SEO campaign and the game stopped there. NO traffic at all. because of bad target keyword and competitive keywords. SEO is a long journey when you compete with influential bloggers.

While waiting for SEO let's make a good formula that Gets you in other websites who already generating traffic from SEO and have target audience who are ready to buy your stuff.​

You Might Guess

  • Its Social Media 
  • Its facebook Groups 
  • Its podcasting 
  • Its offline Marketing 

This is a different technique and used by influential bloggers.

Think of that. you were driving your car to have dinner in some restaurant on your way, you found two restaurants.

1-The first restaurant has many cars in the park

2-The second restaurant has no cars in the park

Which restaurant will you choose for dinner ?

of course the second restaurant with many cars, it shows there is good stuff and tasty food that make people choose it.

and the second has no one there. probably they are unknown, no tasty food, none is visiting

does guest posting work

The same happens for marketing plan for your business.​

  • Choose a target market 
  • Find a list of your interest
  • Go where to find consumers 

When you type a specific keyword on google you come up with several blogs that accept guest posting. and you might guess how these people got there.

  • They guest posted in influential blogs
  • They have written high quality articles
  • they have been interviewed by other bloggers
  • they built their tribes in good partnership
guest blogging

When you think about building your tribe, you are thinking about your followers in social media 

Right ?

We are talking in general. buiding your tribe is always focused on your target market . it is much easier to build a community with low quality target.

You need to know where your customers are, business is about sharing awesome stuff. you need to ask yourself what people need to read, then you focus on providing step by step solutions. and give a reason to attract them to join you.​

guest posting

​Guest post for a popular Blog :

I think if you want to know about guest posting you have to spy on your competitors using the power of google. i always follow 5 or 7 blogs that i want to compete with and type their blog url on google search. numbers do matter to get enough data and know

  • Where they Guest post 
  • Do they use podcasting 
  • What kind of guest posting they share to get audience

Here is an example

build a tribe

It inspires me to know what other bloggers do to gain results and follow every step they did. it is an opportunity to never fail. first step which is following a successful blogger writing on influential sites.

Guest posting is a white hat strategy and effective to publish your amazing work. you have to write on other popular blogs more than on your own blog. 

build your tribe  build your tribe   build your tribe

 build your tribe   build your tribe build your tribe


build your tribe