How To Build Your audience Through Engagement

build audience

There are millions of users in social media and the number increases each day. so if you are not using social media to build your following then you are missing a lot. When we build our blogs and show well written content, we spend much time to reach those readers. we know they will not come to us, we need to find them and show them our stuff. if they find massive value they will engage and interact with our stuff.

It is Simple

in this article iam going to show you four vital factors that grow your audience online. and never worry about looking for readers to your blog.

1- Build your Facebook Group

I have written a free ebook in which i included some amazing facebook groups of some women entrepreneurs who have built Good Groups and made good reputation. when you build your Group and spend sometime promoting it to attract readers, that means you are going to control traffic, imagine you have 5000 users in that group,

That means there is an engagement and members will keep writing and asking good questions to get good answers. all you can do is to control the group and send offers whenever you have some free webinars, videos, or a product. this means more money in your pocket. you will never rely on other platforms or spend money on ads. 

has built her Facebook group to attract successful women who need to grow their online businesses and help other women. the groups is very active everyday. if you are not a part then its time to join her group. there is a lot to learn, if you have a question, just ask, you will get immediate answers.

what is Next :

It time to start and create your own facebook group where you control traffic. and bring quality visitors to your blog and offers. using a simple formula to generate buyers is the best thing. when you build your own group it becomes easier for you to get readers, visitors and customers and never worry about relying on traffic sources, forums and social networks.

You just need to focus on providing the community with Good stuff such, blog posts, videos, webinars and cources that have good informations. Building a group is like building a small network for yourself, you have the data, you rely on nobody to send you traffic.

2- Learn To Give :

I think there is no better way like giving people what they  are looking for. if you want audience, write amazing stuff, people are going to come back ultimately that's all it is. they will feel there is a communiuty and there is value from minded people who have a lot to say and share and successful stories from experts. this is where the change happen. if you want to grow your business, you should ask experts good questions to get better answers. 

3- Where there is competition There is Money 

Facebook has millions of users and its the right platform that you should focus on to build your audience. millions have joined groups and are very active. so why jump from traffic source to an others. the main reason people fail its because they don't master one traffic source. learn its secret and implement what they learned.

I myself been in that situation, you need to choose one thing and focus on one traffic source , master it and when it works for you then jump to an other.

Build Trust :

Trust happens when you give, support, share, like, help, teach and educate, you will be rewarded later. whenever i have free time i post good content on facebook groups to build that trust with people. i always want to build that engagement and  make people follow me, i should give them a reason. when they find value they know you have a lot to give and they bookmark your website.

Conclusion :

There are numbers of ways to build your audience online, i believe Engagement is the best strategy to educate and help people to reach your blog. i have seen many bloggers ask, how to Get traffic to my blog?

The answer is simple you need to write amazing stuff in your blog, people are going to come back ultimately that's all it is. when you Have Good content that solves a specific problem, you will get people, get followers and reach your potential customers. i read the same question on several forums. how can i increase my twitter followers. you need to know why people should follow you ? if your answer is clear. you will understand that, nobody follows you unless you have something to give them.

When i started building my followers i knew that i have to spend time reading several blog posts online, watch more videos, listen to podcasts, reach professional markers and also ask better questions to get good answers to learn the basics before any advanced strategies.

When you spend time blogging on blog communities, forums you have to provide readers with awesome content and send a link to let them come to your website to read more content. It is always about Engagement and Good content, whether to build your followers or reach readers.