How Blog Design Emotionally Attract Readers

blog design

​How do you get attracted when you see a shop online...?

  • Appearance
  • Advertising 
  • Discounts 

Audience are attracted emotionally to a shop when they see it first time. if you have the best website without showing customers where to click then noone is going to stay longer than 2 seconds.

Designing your Own blog with Amazing theme and Color is the best thing you can do to attract readers before reading any kind of content.

Let's dive in more details :

When someone types a keyword on google " paleo diet" ​ what is the first thing he is going to read before he clicks ? 

  • Something that attracts user attention

The first thing is a catchy headline with Good description that attract them to go through the article.

Is that all ?

Blog design
  • Cathy headlines
  • Good images 
  • Step by step Guide 
  • Good Theme and Design 
  • High quality Content

Then we know we are on the right track to gain more results.

Compare your website with Competitors :

The image below is only an example, we can't compare our site with buzzfeed, its an awesome site with millions of visitors, they provide their audience with daily viral content which keep them come back again and again.

If you feel you can create like that website, you need a team and creative people to deliver viral stuff to the audiene. you need to spend thousands of dollars before seeing any results. Creative people who create that viral content are not born so, we are all equal. 

  • They have spent so much time learning and educating themselves
  • They know what the majority of people need

We only compare with small blogs in same interest, we  check how they are designing their own blogs and what tools and widgets they use. then we don't copy. we need to be creative and design simple and attractive design using our skills.

website design

When you land on your competitors blog always check

  • How they design their website 
  • What plugins they Use 
  • How Fast their website is 
  • What headlines and images they use 
  • What tools they mostly use to market

And the most important thing is, how they market their products. follow their proven strategies  to gain results they have. i have read several blog posts an found out that the most content that get shared and gets comments is a step by step guide and story telling. that starts with "how to" 

We are not going to focus on content creation here but the main topic is about Design a Good blog and make it perfect for readers so they know where to click.

Let's compare that with the biggest store online Amazon and have you ever asked yourself what is the main reason people shop on amazon a lot 

  • They are trusted
  • ​Provide awesome Products
  • Their services are great
  • Moreover they have Simple Seach engine Site

​All you have to do is to design a perfect website, just look around and check your competitors sites and be creative to get to that point where they are now.

Blog design