Best SEO Tools

There are four best SEO tools you need to figure out and use them when optimizing your site. i highly recommend using these free tools.

To rank higher in search engines you need a good SEO for your business to get results. the world of SEO is simple. focus on quality content, build some backlinks and use important keywords using the power of google planner to get low competitive keywords targeting a product or a minority of people that actyally buy stuff. if you are unable to do SEO yourself, you can hire a reliable seo company as there are many of them in the market.

if you are in a tight budget, better spend time, learn the basics. it would be great when you choose low volume keywords and rank higher without any backlinks. just spend 30 minutes or 1h using the power of google planner to find the right keyword for your site.

Basics of SEO are everywhere and easy to find as a newbie. tips you can implement today:

  • On-page- optimization
  • off-page-optimization
  • keyword Density
  • Meta description
  • Title tags...backlinks

You might know the basics of how search engine optimization works. so these free tools i would inform you about have a great value on boosting your site into results.

I highly recommend these best seo tools :

  • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Google Planner

Google webmaster tool:

it is simple and important tool that helps you index your site content easily. and also track crawl errors on your website, these errors can be found while google comes through your own site.

Bing webmaster tool:

Bing provides you with keyword research when you open an account with bing then start by searching keywords you want to see how many people are searching this keyword, better choose a keyword to separate youserlf from the competition.

Keywordtool :

You can see the search volume using the keywordtool to get results you want. typing and searching your keywords in search engines such yahoo, bing and youtube doesn't give you any search volume that's why keywoord tool is important to see the real statistics of monthly searches before creating your site or targeting the right audience when doing google adwords to separate yourself above the compitition.

Google keyword planner :

most popular tool to online marketers, this free tool brings good results. first you need to create an account with google mail You can use this for targeting long tail keywords

This keyword tool gives instant statistics of searches so we make sure which keywords we use to rank in search engines and keywords we should avoid. probably they are useless and get us no traffic or highly competitive to rank. we need thousands of links or a team to work hard for that.

I think Good Keyword determines whether you rank better in search engine or not. 3000 montlhly searches is more better than competitive keyword that has 30 000 searches a month.

When there are authoriity sites on first page its better to choose an other keyword. these sites has thousands of backlinks during the years and we need  lots of work to compete with them.​