Viral Websites. Millions Of Visitors Each Day

attract millions of visitors

You Don't Need to be SEO Expert and Build Quality backlinks to Get millions of Visitors, You only Need a Great idea and be Smart Enough and know what the Majority of People want to read And interact with. Then create a website and add daily Content And Videos or let others Add Guest post In Your Blog.

The Guys who Created these Big websites like, viral nova and upworthy were not Born very Smart They only Come up with something That most young people want.

  • They Built Their ideas On Something That Get Shared in Social Media
  • They Built Their Brands With Social Media
  • They Already Know Their Content Will Get in Hands Of Millions

Smart Bloggers who work 24/24 hours. invest a lot of time reading several blog posts and interesting articles, comments, ask good questions to get the best answers and don't share their ideas unless they feel there is a community to work with, Create their credibility and establish their Blog as a source of communication.

The Power of Social Media :

buzzfeed media

Twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram and stumbleupon social Media sites can skyrocket your website with traffic, once you have interesting stuff to Get likes shares and comments in return, When you Create your first blog and publish it then thousands interact with your Great stuff, You came up with bright potential to the market. the guys behind Mashable and other blogs Were not bron genius, They Kept working on Their Businesses each day consistently. They failed and Failed many times before Creating Great websites that gain them millions of visitors and Good income.


Attract Millions of readers Everyday. They have established their brand as a source of entertainment news to the community around the world. each article has a compelling headline that makes you click to read the whole long lines. it does make you Get back each day to Read as many blog posts as well. the community behind buzzfeed know what most visitors wanted to read for example 9 of 10 visitors click to read and the bonce rate is over two minutes on the website per a visitor.


Viralnova is a mind- blowing stories site on the web. it makes you click and read the content because of headlines that grab your attention and Images that are thousands times faster than words. what i like about viralnora is that they are sharing interesting and hilarious things that everyone likes.

I Have STUDIED many websites that attract millions of visitors and reapeat readers again and again. and found out they all deliver Massive Value to their audience consistently, Their Teams Spend a lot of time writing The Best Headlines and designing the best Imanges that Make Readers Click and Read the content. On The other they provide what they promised in the headline, which made them a source of Gaining Millions of visitors each day.


zergnet is similar to Pinterest in both sides. it has expanded its reach to top publishers to get their content in their platform to send them free traffic, if you have a Quality website in same categories, then zergnet is for you. who doesn't want more readers

​The website presents Good content that reaches specific readers, once you have improved and written amazing stuff so traffic is in your hands with absolutely no money on facebook ads, taboola or revcontent, these both platforms present similar work but not so as free as zergnet. your blog post can be seen in top sites such hufftingtonpost and businessinsider.....etc

Content is King.   You Already Know That.

Most Bloggers and Webmasters know that content is the first thing you need in your blog to be seen by keyword searchers from search engine when you have a Good SEO Campaign. But This factor is not enough.

You Need to know how to engage with readers, so here are some elements you should include :

  • Compelling Headlines 
  • Good Images : image is thousands times better than words
  • Article Writing Style
  • Long and Detailed articles.
  • Content Upgrade for Engaging 
  • Improve your Reach with Easy language
  • Provide Massive Value
  • Present Yourself as an expert
  • Step By Step Guide that focus on solving a problem

Would it Happen Right  ?

Everybody is talented at something and the internet has given you a Great opportuntiy to Say Anything and the first is by Setting Up Your Own Blog and spread Your Stories To The World. You Should Let Anybody Who is From Brazil, Usa or Sweden Know You By Reading Your About page and interact with Your work. The internet is Connecting Us and We need to Share What We have to make a partnership.

I Know You have a Great Idea in Your Mind and You don't want to Share it With The community because they may Steal it. Probbaly its a billions dollar software or Product that make you a successful Entrepreneur. But you won't be if You don't take Massive Action and Implement it in The Online World. Those People who have Great Ideas and implemented them They Became World Entrepeneurs. like Facebook, Uber and Pinterest. These people Had Great Idea but needed Investors to Help Them Grow. They know They have Goldmine Ideas and Their Ideas will connect People.

I Think you can do The same By Imagination, Do you know That Imagination Circles the world and You Might Ask Millions of people about Your Idea, Most of them will tell you it will not work. its You who decides, If you have a Great idea and disbeleive yourself, You won't do anything.

There are Many People who have Goldmine Ideas But they are Skeptical about Their vision. If you are able to start a Great website There are Investors who are able to help you Once You Have Started first.

I hope This Article Inspires you To Start Implemeting Your Ideas. It is Time To Take Massive Action and See Results. You Have Bright Ideas In Your Mind, You Only Need One Step" Learn and Act Now " And Everything Becomes Easier.

Let me Know Below In Comment Section about Your Ideas. Share Things With People they will Give you Better Answers Than Yours or Add Bright Solutions To Your Ideas. I Myself Spend More time Reading all comments in every blog post i read. It Gives me Good Solutions in several topics