Hi, My name is Abderrahim. my friends call me markroud that's why i write this nickname on my social pages. on facebook, twitter and instagram. iam the founder of


I started this Blog to give, help, support and earn some income online like other Bloggers.

In June 2015, I received an email from an affiliate marketer, I subscribed to his newsletter to know what blogging strategies he uses to profit online, i realized his first email was  a promotion but it was a responsive message that taught me how to start a successful blog and earn income consistently.

I wanted to ignore it because blogging takes too much time, buy domain name, web hosting, install wordpress, design conversion focused elements for wordpress write creative content, promote content on social media networks and write more ebooks but I learned the obstacle is the way.  When we pay to buy a digital product we learn something new and solve a problem.

I figured out authors, writers are readers before they become successful publishers. They have spent hours writing valuable content to make their readers happy.

In every market if you work harder and smarter to provide a solution and solve a problem you will make money. I also learned if you want to make money online you have to sell something, your digital product, coaching program, someone’s product, service and your Books.

Blogging For Profit is The way to Go :

When you start a blog you will fail over and over because you don’t have enough knowledge. You have to get better answers  to your questions.

  • check
    Write Content that expertly optimized for conversion.
  • check
    Write Emotional call to action to attract readers.
  • check
    Hold off writing in your blog and guest post on other blogs.

i noticed people come to warriorforum and ask questions all the time, and still haven't taken massive action. they are looking for the magic. while others have blogs and still complain about organic traffic. Google has changed its system, if you want natural traffic you need to pick keywords that are easy to rank, i won't pick" how to lose weight " instead i choose " how to lose weight in two weeks" authority sites are dominating first page of Google.

Don't be like other folks asking several questions on warriorforum all the time and complaining, be the right person who takes massive and inteligent action.

The last thing pick one thing and Follow your passion.

If you have any questions, Please drop me a message and will answer you as soon as possible :


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If You want to Profit from Blogging You need to find the right strategy.

There are hundreds of strategies out to make money online. always follow your passion and Your heart. if you are a persistent reader then Freelancing job is to your success to earn some money, When you make $100 buy a domain name, web hosting and write content that expertly optimized for conversion to make readers respond positively with your content and make them say wow this person has something good to say. its a way to let them subscribe to your newsletter, read your Ebooks and buy your products.

Thanks for Reading.