3 Email Strategies

3 email list strategies

i used to triple my blog traffic

Why then iam not getting leads ?

Want to get more optins ?

Drive traffic to your squeeze page.

But Wait I think you are familair with Content upgrade.

Building a big list requires you a lot of hard work. Probably you have tried several methods and strategies but none of them got you optins. Visitors are more cautious about giving away their personal informations.

That’s why you need to realize and understand those who visit your blog are looking for something unique. You should know what they are looking for. And offer them what they need. The biggest challenges are bloggers don’t always create something new and unique to stand out from the crowd and create a specific angel where they get amazing approach in the market.. i cover those two ways that helps you solve your problem. What prevents you from building email list and what helps you stand out and build bigger list.

1- Best Practices :

If you want to grow your business, get more optins and high conversion rate, then the answer is simple, you have to give away massive value to your hungry audience to trust you.

If you want readers, visitors and more traffic, write amazing content, visitors are going to come back ultimately that’s all it is.

2-Bad Practices :

Keep asking many questions to get better answers and they don’t put out the hard work. They are looking for the magic to happen, « The Sky doesn’t rain Gold »

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram… etc are all about sharing content, if you produce good content, and spend some time promoting it on these social media sites, you will stand out, get visitors, shares and comments.

I Have been struggling to build an email list and used several ways and none of them has worked untill i used 3 proven strategies that are simpler, faster and cost almost nothing to collect targeted email addresses. The main reason they optin. They want relevant, new and unique stuff, that’s all it is. So they give me their email address.

In This Blog Post Iam Going to share with you 3 Proven email list strategies. Follow every step and implement it to build your list faster.

Strategy #1 : Lead Generation Homepage

You come up with an idea, spent hours to create good content, optimized it for keyword phrase to get natural traffic then you spent some time creating additional free content that is relevant to blog post, when someone reads that, has to optin… this is called "content upgrade"

This article teaches you How To Create a lead generation homepage

Right ?

But This is More different and has the highest conversion rate compared with other optins strategies.

For example :

You need to use google analytics to know which blog post has more visitors, this is important because you will make it your main target for the homepage then write an incentive with strong call to action to make it easier to obtain more optins.

Why Google analytics : Google analtics Gives you the ability to know your monthly estimated visitors. Where they come from , which blog post has most visitors…. Etc

In These 2 Images I show you how to find a blog post that is more trafficked.

 content upgrade

 content upgrades

Create and Give More Value In Freebie :

If you somehow managed to create a freebie, then there is no better way than telling your own story and case studies. Make it relevant to that blog post. Build an online influence for those  readers who come through search engines.

how to create like this lead generation homepage

I won't choose a general keyword phrase and create a lead magnet. readers visit my blog with several and natural keywords phrases i ranked them for. Instead i have to be more specific. And choose one keyword phrase that is more trafficked.

For example :

If i have a blog post » how to lose 20 pounds a week » and generates me 3000 searches a month, then i will create a freebie that is relevant to that article and link it to lead generation homepage

This is how you increase your subscribers on the web. Be more specific to get targeted people. More and more visitors will want to optin. They are targeted and found something they really need.

Its All About Testing :

How Do You Determine if your bath water is warm enough to wash your balls ?

You Test it

Then You Jump In A Feel Good

How Do you Determine whether your Online Campaign is Successful or Not?

You Test It

The same happens when you convert a blog post to a homepage, you need to test at least 2 or 3 articles to know which brings you more optins. Using google analtics will determine how many optins you Get.

  • Use google analytics 
  • Find blog post that is more trafficked
  • Build Lead Generation 
  • Create a relevant freebie to that blog post
  • Write highly effective call to action 

Strategy #2 : Free Online Courses To Triple Your Optins :

Nobody follows you unless you have something in return. if you ask visitors for their personal information, email address, you better give away massive value whether in a freebie, free course or free webinar.

If you want to stand out from other bloggers, you need to stop giving away free ebooks and think about giving away free courses. how many blogs have you subscribed to, through strong call to actions that promise you to read something Great. all freebies are Good but you want to be beyond this and build something new and unique in a free course that is the biggest challenge for many smart bloggers.

Free Access Course :

Think out of the box and give away 7 days or 14 days free course about email marketing, facebook ad or something you know a lot about. Sending 14 emails in 14 days by providing value, over time you will be able to engage with those subscribers and build that trust. it is simpler, faster and cost almost nothing to reach hungry audience, marketing on authority platforms like Growth Hacking, Inbound.org and medium.com

14 days free course will triple your optin when you focus on giving, teaching, educating, and sharing Good stuff. packaging your course in a private domain name using specific plugins that access to the course like wishlist or membermouse as they are popular plaugins to create a Good Free course.

See How These Marketers Create Free Course Online To Triple Their Email List :

​Justin mares collected 3000 subscribers in just a week by giving away 14 days email course that teaches about Facebook Roi, Get more twitter Followers and improve email open rate. He learned this proven marketing strategy from Noah kogan who collected thousands of optins.

3 email strategies

​Packacking a free course in a private domain name is powerful and better than writing blog posts on other blogs and post on groups. it takes time to create  and post it every week to collect personal informations

When you think about giving away free course and not selling it, this has a big advantage for you to build your audience and collect targeted leads. i would use this to build my first 1000 or 5000 or even more readers, then i make sure i provide valuable informations and build that long term relationship. 

if you are interested to create your own free course, then this article is very helpful wirtten by justin martin

Noah Kogan created  email1k.com and traffic1m.com when you optin, you learn some proven marketing strategies that triple the numbers of subscribers in your blog. the 14 days free course.

Traffic1m  teaches you about Growing your audience to a amillion visitor. this sounds amazing,  he uses a highly effective call to action. every blogger wants more traffic, more leads. that means more leads more revenue.

triple your optins

 Strategy #3: Free Webinar 

One of the biggest ways to build your audience, strengthen the relationship, gow your email lis and sell more is through webinars. iam not asking you to create great webinars when you start out, instead i want you to think about a topic you know a lot about. package one and build small audience.

Be More Creative With Your Webinars :

Webinars can extremly  help you attract and win more in business, if you truly focus your time on creating  good webinars. you then have made big advantage to infleunce on your audience. it helps you engage, interact and sell more by building value.

I see smart bloggers use webinars for 60 minutes in which they give tons of valuable informations before sending any pitch about packages, which means if you want to learn more " Buy the package". be prepared to educate, teach and give before you sell to your customers.


Engagement Is Much Higher With Webinars :

If you have no idea which topic to prepare a webinar about. then better determine : who are your audience and what the majortiy of bloggers need to know about. i would choose to start a webinar about " how to write viral posts"  instead of a webinar about teaching " how to use facebook groups" .

The Best Practices :

Every blogger wants to know how to write viral articles to attract more readers. " for instance starting a website with highly effective call to action, would attract so many bloggers.

Here is an example :​


​" How to take your website from zero to hero.." this webinar headline is aiming to entice readers to subscribe and learn what it takes to have a successful website.

Webinar Marketing Strategy :

There is no better way than sending emails to your subscribers and inform them about your webinar, it strengthen the relationship and help you sell more. if you have no idea about marketing webinars you truly don't have a business. well build a warm relationship with an infleuntial blogger who has audience and ask him to email his audience about your webinar that can be extremly powerful for their businesses.

Use Your Social Media :

It would be easier for you When you have own Facebook Groups. Some Successful Women Entrepeneurs have made is Excellent For them to attract women to their webinars and sell their own products. it is simpler, faster and cost you almost nothing when you start a successful webinar.​